Studio Lighting Tutorial for AWESOME Glamour Lighting – Glamour Photography Tutorial

This glamour lighting setup is really simple. For this studio lighting tutorial I have used two lights and two large reflectors. Your reflectors can be diffusion panels, v-flats or if money is tight- you could make it work for three quarter length shots and headshots with two Walmart reflectors. I showed you these panels in my home studio video.

You can see how I have the strobes setup slightly behind the model and on either side of the white background. This is a standard 9ft wide vinyl seamless. I like the vinyl because it is more durable and wipes clean.

These shots were made with an 85mm f/1.8 lens set at f/5.0 The shutter speed was 1/200th of a second and the ISO was 100.

The most important element to this set of images is obviously not the lighting and the setting – it is the model and her ability to give you lots of personality. When I do a session like this, I shoot very heavy and my focus is on keeping things playful. This series of images are excellent concepts for a modeling portfolio

You could do this shot with speedlights. The placement would be exactly the same and you will want to set them at full power. Also be sure to set the zoom setting on your flash head to it’s widest setting so that you get good coverage on the white background.

If you don’t have the reflectors or a way to make them – you can achieve an almost identical look to this by using a third strobe and bouncing it into the ceiling in front of the model.

set.a.light 3D by Elixxier Software GmbH
Tips for building a DIY Home Portrait Studio on a budget :
Vinyl White Backdrop:

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Sébastien DELESTRE says:

thanks you to give us the setup with cobra flash. it s great for us who photography “on budget”

James Dobbs says:

What 3d software do you use bud?

Paulo Contente says:

Great shots.

Toby Hines says:

I still have some Tri-X in a cartage loader. I remember paying $15 bucks for a bulk roll. Plus a few packets of D76 Del. Great video and thanks for posting.

psimmy73 says:

really great images, sexy, fun and classy

Kristian Niemi says:

I’ve only watched TWO of your videos and I’ve already learned more than I have in the past two years! Set your camera to B&W with the contrast cranked up? Game changer!

Paul Tomlin says:

Hey Joe! Excellent video. I noticed part of that dreamy look you mentioned was that slight haze or slight flare look in the end results. Did you shoot with a lens hood attached or just shoot without it in order to get more flare?

Kevin Dickinson says:

Hi Joe. In the video you have the V flats with the Black Side facing the model. I thought that would suck up the light. Not reflect. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Jamal Mubarik says:

Your videos greatly contribute to my knowledge. I can say with certainty that I gain more knowledge from these focused short clips that 8 hour for pay photography courses.

I understand you use Nikon D810 for your video presentations. May I please know what lens and lighting setup.


Jamal Mubarik

salem.fotografy says:

thank you so much i learned amazing technique and finally found the answer to the question of the decision-making process for making black and white pictures

computerjantje says:

Today I found out that you have crawled into my daily life. My girlfriend, who also watches this channel, said she was afraid my video-clip of a music-band will look amateur made. I said that I am also worried that might happen but if I don’t start making videos, then I will never learn. She understood and responded with: “Your best shot is your next shot”.

Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

So simple technic and awesome lighting effects in black n white photographs, thanks for sharing.

xnosaertx says:

Great job Joe! Your videos keep me inspired !!! Thanks !!!

ExploringCalifornia says:

thank you so much I am definitely going to try this.

steve weston says:

another great video Joe, Many thanks. I have added you to my go to presenters. you have joined Tom Heaton, Steve Perry and the bald fat guy.:-D
great shirts too….!

Doug Greene says:

Interesting. And I remember reading about that shoot when I was in photojournalism school. And Tri-X!!!! Best film ever!

So you mentioned a link to reflectors from Walmart? Didn’t see the link there. Are they LARGE panels like she show in the lighting diagram?

Jamie L. says:

Great tutorial . But what about using one black reflector and one white reflector to play with the contrast ?How much do the reflector panels cost and where to get them?

JT Fuller says:


Bart Edson says:

Great video and thanks for the tip at the very end bouncing the flash off the ceiling. Can’t wait to try this one. Love your videos.

Juan Lopez says:

Thanks Joe, you are an inspiration, love you work , your style, and most the love for others like (amateur) to get inspired and to have the confident that we can do IT. love B&W. i do love color image, but B&W seem to be more interment and they some how speak to you, (the images of course). my thoughts.

Alphonso Nestor-Hubert says:

Awesome ideas man


What happened to your GH4 ? Why is your video looking like that

Konrad Dembowski says:

Hi, love your work. I have small question thou. Do you have some suggestions how to simply transfer Picture Control (Nikon) settings into a lightroom preset or profile, so i can aply it on import or in tether shooting. Especially black and white like in this video. I tried creating a preset by looking on camera back and trying to recreate this in lightroom but maybe there is easier option for lazy people?

c0pyimitati0n says:

Your model is absolutely gorgeous.

Pedro Madeira says:

I have been following so many photographers on youtube for so much time and I have never seen you before @Joe Edelman , it’s so much fun I just can’t stop watching, your videos are so captivating. Congrats, subbed with notifications! 😀

David Angel Entertainment says:

this is awesome. I just discovered your channel and have watched every video 3 times. so informative and so fun. thanks for doing what you do and keep it up!!

Andrew B. Richardson says:

I just now discovered you. I’m hooked.

Raton Poussin says:

Awesome, as always. The black and white is just AMAZING!!!

reg b says:

Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I love your style of teaching. You keep your explanations informative but lighthearted enough to keep it from being boring. In the diagram the reflectors are black facing the model. Are they used to reflect or to dampen the light? What program do you use to make your diagrams? Keep up the great work! In addition to learning more about lighting, thanks to you I have already built my portable background and will soon be building some led strip lights.

A Matter Of Perception says:

I enjoyed this one….new fan. Great tips…great shots.

simon morton says:

You’re an incredible photographer and teacher!

Skirmantas Rinkevicius says:


jay ch says:

Hey Joe! Another fantastic video!
I have a question for you.

When sony a7 came out i sold my 7d and bought a7
Now I would like to purchase another dslr
What would be good option now days for price range of 13-1500?
In advance thank you!

Deden Olenk says:


Randall Roberts says:

very much enjoyed this .. how do you think it would work bouncing the strobes into umbrellas?

mchlmancilla says:

Thank you for this tutorial, love the Marilyn Monroe photos, now I know how to recreate the look. Thank you again it is much appreciated.

Jamie L. says:

I do like the close up shots which look much sharper with less bleeding

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