Seated Posing Tips from Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler demonstrates problem poses and how to solve them in this clip from Photo Week.

Getting a flattering photo of a seated person is a challenge – you don’t want your subjects to look like they are slouching or for their knees to be the closest part of the body to the camera. In this clip Lindsay reviews common posing mishaps and offers solution for getting flattering shots while still using a chair.

Get more posing tips in How to Set Up 10 Essential Poses:

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Catherine Baird says:

Thank you Lindsay! Very helpful!

J&H Ngade says:

lovely model.

cfagil says:

Enjoyed that. Thanks.

Ben Jones says:

Too bad the photographer didn’t tell the model to wear long sleeved clothing. Nothing is more distracting than those hot shoulders and bright arms. Since the main light is closer to them, the skin reflects more light back into the camera’s lens. Had her blouse been long sleeved the most brightly lit thing in the image would have been her face, which is what portraiture is all about, THE FACE. Another thing is the model is not at a 45 degree angle to the camera making her body look wide. I ALWAYS place the leg nearest to the lens up on a short box which cants the body rearward, then I have them lean “over the belt buckle” slightly toward the camera. Nothing in the image should be level or straight. The hand pose at 2:45 looks terrible. A female’s hand should never be photographed flat to the camera and her right arm looks chopped off, plus her head should have been tipped to the high (feminine) shoulder. Lastly the black back to the chair is growing out of her back making her look deformed. A posing stool would have worked much better. Lindsay has lots to learn about portraiture I can see.

TheTapdancer4ever says:

Lindsay, your models are horrible. I know you love photography, but the model is what makes or breaks the photograph. This is the 10th video I’m seeing where you model is not appealing.

Dennis de Jong says:

great tip and beautiful model. 

DeLarren Young says:

The small things always count.  Thanks for the tips Lindsay & Creative Live!!!   #Pose   #Posing   🙂

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