Posing tutorial

Proč je pózování důležité / Why is posing important

• Fotografie jsou hlavním prezentačním materiálem každé modelky. Photographs are the main presentation material of any model.
• Za dobrou fotografií stojí spolupráce celého týmu, tzn. fotografa, stylisty, vizážisty a modelky. A good photograph is created through the work and cooperation of an entire team, i.e. photographer, stylist, make-up artist and model.
• Aby modelka vypadala na fotografiích dobře, musí umět pózovat. In order for a model to look good in photographs she has to know how to pose.
• Pózování je třeba si nacvičit a zažít, aby působilo přirozeně.
Posing has to be practiced in order to look natural.
• Je důležité vždy pózovat tzv. od hlavy až k patě, pracovat jak s tělem, tak s výrazy. It is important to pose from head to toe, i.e., work both with your body and facial expressions.
• Nezapomeň, že nejpřirozenější pózou je póza, která vychází z modelky samotné. Vlastní cit a instinkt budou nakonec vždy nejdůležitější, jakékoli návody a ukázky jsou pouze pro inspiraci.
Do not forget that the most natural poses come from within you. Your own senses and instincts will always be the most important guides, any instructions and examples are merely for inspiration.

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Mn8Multimedia says:

Bravo, amazing video, very helpful, very well made, wow.

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that. was. AMAZING!

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amazing music !good video !thanks !

Cifcap says:

She poses well and she’s a supper hottie too!

Sangrex2 says:

Very good video. Tanks!

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woowoolip says:

modelling is so much complicated than it seems wow

Shane Watkins says:

one hour shoot in less than five minutes with this girl.

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Nebulousss says:

wow she’s a genius at posing!

LadyPeters says:

Yasss Adela, work it girl, workkk!!

International says:

I LOVE IT….. got all my poses for my fashion portfolio……yay

Luis M says:

its to fast do it slower to learn better poses

Devi Shinta says:

love it

AGB Milano says:

Wonderful for inspiration, so many poses in little time…useful to start thinking on a new photoshoot! Thank you !
P.s. : congrats to the beautiful young lady, Adela is stunning and so natural !

Danny Morgan says:

This is what I need, straight to the point, how to pose, none of this bullshit of a 20 minutes video.

I thank you!

elanga w says:

Thank you very much, this is awesome

danna cubillos says:

perfect video

iShani Mami says:

This is good but it moves so fast

Joao Sousa says:

Song name?

Rakel Arroyave says:

Buen video tutorial

anicea joseph says:

So fast

twin riana says:

the movement is too fast. 🙁 more slowly please

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mükemmel. perfect video

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hello to all
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Martin Fillo says:

Bych si zapamatoval max.5 póz.

joseph claver says:

Posing HOT in Prague

dimitarchilov says:

cool 🙂

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Liz Campbell says:

excellent, really well done. thank you.

andre araujo says:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

grzedzic says:

Why is everyone saying it’s too quick? You’ve got a pause button for a reason peeps…

Bryan's Dimension says:

amazing video. thank you

Brian G. says:

I love how she stands. Bowlegs. Sexy.

Katya Shaposhnikova says:

Thank you for the video!
By the way, I also make a video of photo posing.
Look on my channel.

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grumpygroman says:

The best I have seen. I am a photographer and I send it to all the models I work with. Thank you! and Bravo !!! Chapeau!

Billy Tz says:

Awesome. very natural. And it actualy looks like a dance !

samaria sylvester says:

This video was super helpful.

Berty Fin says:

Great video!

Adrian Felipe says:

Excellent Video!!!

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