Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head to Toe Guide

Author Jeff Smith teaches surefire techniques for achieving flattering poses, with step-by-step techniques for positioning the entire body – head, shoulders, arms, hands, bust, waist, hips, thighs, and feet. 70 minutes. Amherst Media, Inc.

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ImprovisedSurvival says:

“Impressing the client is more important than impressing fellow photographers”
Holy shit, great great great words to shoot by. I have yet to watch a “professional” online review of others work that I felt was accurate. UNLESS you are a competitive photographer that needs awards to line a wall, judge your work by your clients, NOT your peers. Now if you are having issues with a certain aspect of your work, then obviously a critique is in order.

J Harris says:

Excellent very informative thank you

Shyam Songadwala says:


xchicglowgoxo says:

Ironically, most of the advice given is solid, relevant guidance. That said, all the photos shown are horrid, cheap looking, Walmart-Portrait-Studio/high volume studio type shots. In addition to that, the retouching is just almost worse. You can follow all the “rules” you want, and still come out with bland, dated shots.

Just goes to show you, being a “successful”  photographer has just as much (if not more) to do with a business mind, as it does with being a master of your craft.

EDC Gadgets says:

Holy molly so much skin smoothing. Frequency separation is overrated.

a.basir .k says:

was helpful to a large extent, but was very long

John Pamintuan says:

I’ve learned a lot from this video. This video is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Halt says:

Nice Harley there!

Edson Klauck says:

I enjoyed the video , very informative and explanatory.
Thanks for sharing!

Simon Bear says:

Would there be a tutorial for using speedlights i.e. Nikon or Canon instead of Mono-lights. Reason being no modeling light and to be portable and assume no access to AC power

Erik Ballew says:

Dude sounds like a Robot.

Christina Smith says:

I was with you up until 55:53. As a woman and smaller framed woman at that, please do NOT ever again in your life, called average sized women “real women”. That’s beyond offensive to those of use who are smaller or even bigger. Just because the average size isn’t plus sized or even petite, does not mean we are not real women as well.

Winnie Davis says:

This video is so strange to me. The voice sounds like he should be recording a movie preview. Anyway, I prefer natural candid shots so I didn’t care for any of the pictures.

Homer Lopez says:

I learned a lot from this video. This is awesome! Thank you so much!

SunfireGTX25 says:

I really learned a lot on posing body parts! I am looking forward to putting these tips to practice asap! 🙂 Very well informative information and very well explained 🙂 

fabien FORSTER says:

Very interesting video… Well done

Elena Trevizan says:
Lance Parker says:

i really appreciate this video! Thank you!

Dave Jones says:

The video was for free, great advice for a master.. Be grateful.

Casey Balvert says:

Two thumbs up. Comprehensive and clear with images to illustrate the concepts. Well done.

K- Liss says:

well something that real fkng apparent , ya dont like posing ppl that arent the ‘,society’s standard ”  any ladies with slight more weight that u like are chopped up  barely headshots or hidden  to only show face…….. & ur constant comments to wat should be acceptable or not of a woman figure is clearly not urs to decide
& like most previous coments , clearly abuse of Luminence  to soften skin
& from that , im questioning if u are a photographer that enjoys ppl  or ya simply got a closed minded view of the world & what is beautiful

Tariq Muhmood says:

v good tkins

auPointX says:

10:50 Yooo, that’s the cop from Dumb and Dumber who drinks the piss!

Rick Mentore says:

Mr. Smith this is a fantastic professional, academic presentation. Everyone interesting in exercising better posing can benefit. Just ignore the tin-skinned, overly sensitive, they are attempting to smear this quality presentation with unnecessary Politically Correctness.

Eric Zenteno says:

This video is great! Thanks for sharing 🙂


realy use full video

Adam Smith says:

From the voiceover artist who brought you such classics as “Sexual Harassment Training in in the Workplace” and “Features of the Haas 5-Axis CNC Machine” comes this epic hour and twelve minute journey into the world of cheesy 1990s posing styles for senior portraits and mall glamour shots. Marvel at the heavy-handed skin blurring. Oh and ahh at the offensive remarks about womens’ size. Make a game of it and drink every time you see grass!

Seriously though, while there is a lot of timeless and genuinely good advice in here, there are also so many dated “rules” that you should break, unless you’re trying to make ironic, cliché senior portraits. If you don’t already know what you’re doing, you might have trouble sorting out the good from the dated in this video. I would recommend watching more current and concise examples from Sue Bryce or Lindsay Adler instead.

roadabutin says:

sounds like Carl Sagan..

Terry Thomas says:

Oh good grief… stop moving the video so we can see the COMPOSITION also.

Diva Girl says:

This video was absolutely amazing!! I am very inspired and pleased with all the details you provided!!!! THANK YOU

Chetra Khieu says:
Paul Marshall says:

informative video. Watched it while working out and it’s one of the few videos I rewatched to take notes the second time.   

Shawn Dempsey says:

Agree. This video is outdated.
Instead watch Lindsay Adler and Sue Bryce on Creative Live and you’ll be blown away.

Justin Feroz says:

So many feminazi! Chill out Sarkisian’s fangirls.

sfbluestar says:

This is such a great instruction video, perfect down to the tone of the narration.  Thank you and I hope to see more videos from you.

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