Posing and Lighting Overview with Bambi Cantrell

Famous photographer, Bambi Cantrell shares posing and light tips. http://cr8.lv/1Mcbzxqyt

This segment comes from a 3-day posing and lighting class for wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography with Bambi Cantrell on CreativeLive.

In this clip, she brings to life her photographic techniques for capturing the moment and creating pictures to remember. She shares her gear list and walks you, step-by-step, through the process of positioning your subject.

To access the full catalog of creativeLIVE courses taught by Bambi Cantrell visit her instructor page here: http://cr8.lv/1c5Dqwb


m steele says:

She’s so fun, I just ♡♡♡ her!!

Steven de Cuba says:


Michael J Stagg says:

Although there were plenty of helpful tid bits of info in this video, what I liked most was Bambi’s mentioning “neurochromes”. You learn something new every second! 🙂

bboz1215 says:

Wow! What a great photography seminar & a unforgettable personality! Learned so much! Keep the tutorials coming!

twospooked says:

Wow, I completely lost all respect for her, you’re way smarter than you look, who talks to people like that?
And to say it two times, wtf. It was very informative, in more ways than one.

Bryon Lape says:

Though I’ve no idea if I will ever do studio work, much of her talk is applicable in various situations and in the 3D work, these work very well, especially with LuxRender.

Traian Constantin says:

2:57 Is the Canon 24 1.2 the Banbi Cantrell Special Edititon?
… decided to make this comment at the “you are way smarter than you look” moment 7:45

goldfish1871 says:

great video. for future lessons, is there any possibilities to do a “how to pose male subjects”? 

Impeccably Styled Events says:

Loving this tutorial. Extremely helpful and enjoyable to watch, useful in a thousand ways. Thank you very much!

Dale Walker says:

What a sham.

Juliet Sallette says:

Absolutely love this video…Lighting is so essential to great photography….Visual is everything when selling or showcasing anything….

Fechete Alex says:

Very nice

Naoki Watanabe says:

“I’ve written three books now thank goodness I had a fabulous writer Skip Cohen who wrote all three of my books but if it hadn’t been for that I wouldn’t never gotten them done.”

Umm. Anybody else see a disconnect inside that statement?

RecklessInspirer says:

she just told that guy he looks stupid….well then

lori canton says:

what lense are you using for the tight shots

M.Asakzai Channel says:

A photographer who is very sharp in training

GobiLux says:

All that expensive equipment to film this and so many people on set and still nobody listened into the audio to find that her jacket is constantly scratching the mic.

Otherwise very informative.

Clinton Ermey says:

What the fuck? So much filler and bullshit talk. LOL. With her technical terms it sounds proper. But, just filler. Stuff you learned in basic photography.

Shyam Songadwala says:

Very nice tips in photography

Obed Alexander Molina says:

Esta clase de videos tambien deberian estar en español o subtitulados en español para los que no entendemos ingles. Saludos!

Pink Nick fotografía says:

She is funny and nice, love this video 😀 Thanks for uploading this video!

Cherise Carter says:

When I worked with LifeTouch I would ask the little boys who their favorite super hero was and what they looked like. They’d mimich that face and then just give the most beautiful laugh with a pristine smile right at the end. That’s when I snapped my shutter.

Paul Davies says:
Maksim Monastyrskyy says:

i never seen Canon make 24 f1.2

Paul Davies says:
Byron Charles says:

this was informative, i like the DIY reflector for the Budoir shot, and the fact she doesn’t use a tripod, I feel that  each is their own.

Allen Stephens says:

I have watched hundreds (no exaggeration) of videos on photography on YouTube and this is without a doubt the most informative. Wish I’d have seen this one first, as it would’ve saved a lot of time.  🙂  Bambi’s professionalism and passion for her craft is infectious and will arm you with fantastic information and excitement for your next photoshoot.  

Hollis Hall says:

The arrogance just made me stop listening.

TheHDReleaser says:

I have no respect for this woman anymore. 

” you are smarter than you look” !! Seriosly? why not just say ” Hey, you look stupid, but your words say otherwise”…


Jolita Brilliant says:

Love you thanks

ocubex says:

Am loving Bambi and her style of teaching…

bethany b says:

just started watching this. one minute in and already feeling like I’m in love! 😀 high school educated, middle child, no collage background, visual learner, had a bad wedding photographer which is what drove me into wanting to be one, and photographer! It’s like seeing my older shelf succeed! ha. thank you Bambi for the inspiration already. ha. now, time to watch the rest. 

Penny Lapsley says:

outstanding job and outstanding photographer i love her

Bryon Lape says:

I giggle inside at pros who are proud of the 4,000 shots they take at a wedding.

Maisha Addai says:

Loved listening. Didn’t understand most but loved the tips I could understand.

Val Jean says:

Fantastic, thank you for taking the time and filming this session. 

Chris Estonia says:

“Excellent Question”. Waiting for a stupid question 🙂

Luis Salazar says:

thanks again for your help

Vanessa Ranger says:

For those who are just starting out, it is great to go back to the basics. I love the humor and personal experiences in your teaching. Thanks for the tutorial. It is always great to learn.@Clinton Ermey, if you can’t learn from this, then maybe you know it all, and should be teaching.

Steve Green says:

Thanks for posting this. I think you have been very generous to share your expertise.

Donna Shinall says:

Thanks so much for sharing your techniques. Learned a lot. Always avoided photographing people because of lighting issues and lack of proper equipment but I’m looking forward to trying new things. I’ve been drawing portraits for over 30 years. This is the next step.

Adam Easton says:

He doesn’t look that dumb

Modie Chehouri says:

Thank you Bambi for this awesome video! I watched many photography videos but your videos were one of the best. I truly value your extraordinary art work. For those who watched the video and had nothing good to say, with all love I pray that you find peace and wisdom so that you focus on the positives. Most importantly, if you insist to judge, make your judgment based on her intention and not on your perception. No matter how confidant a person might appear to you he/she might be facing the greatest challenge in this life just like yours and mine.

Paul Davies says:

Some people will pay for anything, this has to be the worse tutorial I have seen. I doubt anyone in the uk would pay to sit through that crap.

Foto 5 says:

excellent video

Heavensent4Me says:

I am the same way- Nobody, will see, their pictures until the day of pickup. Great video 

San Wer says:

I think she does good photographic work but she should limit her interaction with the audience. She is the rudest photographer I have ever watched do a class. Complete lack of class to talk to her students like she did, especially in a filmed event. I hope she doesn’t talk to her clients the same way. I surprised more people didn’t notice her rude behavior.

831images says:

You are so talented and the real deal. Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise.

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