Plus-Size & Curvy Model Posing Tips

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Mongo Boogie says:

I agree , though Natalie might be categorised as a plus size model in an industrial context I think it’s quite a borderline thing in her case. Sophie Dhal when she first appeared on the scene was quite a big girl; (not now though. She’s a very very average size now sadly

Afrik beauty says:

so nice u r so beautiful from inside to outside

Ale Ale says:

amooo tus videos, me han hecho utiles para el modelaje. thanks❤❤

Richard Ikin says:


Albert Luna says:

Me caso contigo estas hermosa

Dewa Putu Cintya says:


Joe Filippi says:

I think highly of the whole package. Model is marvelous, comes across lovely, and sexy throughout the video.

Jason Bodden says:

Natalie, you are an absolute goddess. Beautiful and engaging. That smile is amazing. More videos with you, please 🙂

Tomáš Hilger says:

super video with plenty of useful tips. thx

Dan Solo says:

Natalie is Brilliant, and So Pretty…

Arturo God says:

omg… one angel? you´re pretty Natalie Juliet XD

sheldon murphy says:

Beautiful girl, sexy skirt, going commando = 10 thumbs up if I only had 8 more thumbs !!

Abel Sanchez says:

Rica estar mujer mamabe

Rishu Singh says:

I love u natalie..

aspirazeroum says:

Sexy and beautiful

ZR1Terror says:

Plus size?? She’s beautiful!

Misty Summers says:

Thanks for posting this up! I never wanted to be a plus sized model it was the furthest from my mind but was offered to be a plus sized model at a style fashion weekend this Saturday with one of my fav stores. I walked in and she kept staring at me as I paid for my clothes and asked me to model their clothes starting this weekend before I can think I said yes and forgot that I know nothing about plus sized modeling or how to pose walk nothing. But this video gave me more confidence because I’m really nervous! Thanks a bunch for sharing! I looked up the salary for plus sized models and they can make good money! WOOOHOOO!

Aloof Obsessions says:

Disliking because she said flattering

Marcos Camilo says:

nice girl

Lawrence Valentine says:

she beautiful

Tomas.N. says:

I love English girls

Pawan Singh says:

awesome, video n model

Kuro Wanna says:

Another beautiful model, what,s da?

Darrell Johnson says:

Hey Natalie, I just saw your video, very sexy, funny and informative… Continued success!

1394johnmiles says:

Awesome model Mark can you send over the great pond for a shoot with me. Awesome work you two !!

Christian Orchard says:

You look stunning in that dress; you have a gorgeous body.

Kerry Sammy says:

Hi Natalie. You have a very pretty face, dimpled chin. 😉 Many female models are fixated on the anorexic frame. This can have serious life threatening consequences. I admire what you have done. Yeah. I suppose cellulite can be a big worry for a model. However the world is changing. Modelling agencies can be held to account for pushing for the bony model. You can certainly lead the charge in the opposite direction. I like your bod. I am sure you have a fan following. Go for it

111abc222abc says:

Wonderfully, truthful, comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredibly Beautiful and Intelligent model !!! Honestly you have no faults, Natalie, whatsoever !!!! Great Photographer !!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you, everyone ******************

ruchi singh says:

come on u look good in all the poses

William Victor says:

Thank you for the hints. Both shooters and models benefit.

Mateo V says:

Great tips Natalie…thnx!

Zoltan Betleg says:


Jeff says:


Rishu Singh says:

I love u natalie..

Abdullah Chudry says:

natalie you miss 2017

Aldrin Vargas says:

Nice feet

08221944 says:

More of these pleeeezzee! I got nothing against skinny models(no pun intended), but my first wife was skinny and selfish, my 3 red wife got it right, 10 years younger, enough body, if I tell her she has a beautiful body, she holds it against me! Anyway, Viagra and a popcycle stick won’t get me up anymore, I just appreciate healthier girls. Anyway, keep the series going, it’s great!

Aldrin Vargas says:

Just what i like Plump and Juicy.

George Caicedo says:

Plus size? i should say perfect. Natalie you´re perfect, even your name is gorgeuos
. I like u so much. a kiss from Colombia

Edwin Rucci says:


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