Photography Tips and Tricks: Natural Light Boudoir with Agostina DiMartino

Photography Tips and Tricks: Natural Light Boudoir with Agostina DiMartino


Decided to visit a friend up in Everett, WA to do a collab where she gave some tips and trick on how she shoots boudoir photography in hopes that it may help someone out there that shoots boudoir, may be interested in shooting, or just wants to know what a typical session looks like behind the scenes!

Check out more of Agostina’s work here

Our Model

The Fractal Filters

6” Prism can be found here

Video Shot on the Nikon D800 & D750

Music Used
Actually a Ghost – reg ur txt

Evil Needle – Antidote

Brock Berrigan – Diamond in the Rough


Hao Chen says:

really good instructions

Stig Meister says:

Your link to the fractal filters was broken ….. Sent me nowhere lol.

I found them here though…

Calum Mck says:

That studio though….. :O

ajay pawar says:

sorry I’m not able send them…

Hendri View says:

Photography is one of the most exciting hobbies you can pick up, but when you’re first starting out it can all just seem so daunting. But don’t get discouraged! It’s important to remember that everyone started somewhere. There are no Mozarts in photography, virtuoso geniuses who were born knowing everything there is to know about the craft. More often we began like Beethoven, sitting at the piano in tears.

But while learning how to compose a symphony would take years of practice, composing a great photo can be done at the click of a button—if you know what you’re doing. Fret not if you don’t, however, we’ve got some simple tips that are easy to remember, easy to follow, can be used with any camera, and will improve your photos in no time—no technical knowledge required.

10 Things That Must Be Known When Starting Photography

Yerko Rodriguez says:

btw you didn’t show us how was outside haha

george loui says:


Daniel Klemann says:

Beautiful pics !

Frido B.Botomba says:

thx for this awesome video ps ; at 22:25 i just died 🙂

Manuel Pereira says:

what lense are you using

Coisas da vida says:

instagram: @fercamiilo

Clipping Expert Asia says:

Really nice tips for photography. It is very helpful, thank you. If you guys need bulk photo editing service at affordable, please contact with me,

Layla Layla says:

Hi found you by accident!! I’ll be following you– your work is amazing!! Very talented!! Do you shoot Aperture Priority or Manual setting??. You did mention you double check settings but not sure if is after your manual or aperture priority. Thank you kindly.

Paul Morgan says:

what mode are you shooting in, you never adjust the ssttings

ajay pawar says:

hello…I’m using nikon d5300 camera with DX 35mm 1.8G lens…most of the time I do portrait photography…when I take shots it almost looks fine and sharp but when I zoom I find that the eyes are not in sharp. They become noisy even at iso100 and little bit blurry also…so please help me what to do?

Jordana R says:

Really enjoyed this video. Agostina was great at directing and explaining the poses to her model/client.

Tonya O says:

This video was so inspiring to me! Thank you! I love shooting with natural light and find that i enjoy the more intimate portraits with my clients. I love how involved and into the session you are. Also Can I ask what tripod you are using? I would love a link or a link to one similar. Thank again guys! Great work!

Jani Linde says:

What kind of Canon camera did you use?

MrBluesfly says:

when you listen ”i shoot only natural light” you understand a lot of things about………..

Chava Marquęz says:

she was great! i loved the way she explained things to you and the model, i need to practice more on that

Lilian Mwangi says:

thank you so much for the upload…was really helpful….keep up the spirit….i just loved this

Muayad Wathiqi says:

Didn’t like the way she’s dealing with the model. That professional straightforward attitude is not very appealing to me.

Miguel Dovale says:

That is some amazing focusing speed.

Joao Miguel says:

How do you photograph the 1.4 and maintain the depth of field to get the whole face or body focused?

Rachel Kaparek says:

I feel like this needs to be addressed. Never! Never! Touch the model to pose them or get a hair out of the way and what not.

(Note: unless you have models permission. Example: “you have a piece of lint on your shoulder, can I get it?” )

Cx Studio says:

22:25 haha i love this

Michael Zukerman says:

Seriously, this shoot should be added to the definition of an amateur when you look up the word in the dictionary. It would be pointless to go into everything wrong with how this was done so I’ll just leave it at that.

FicklinTV says:

Shooting my first boudoir today! This video was so helpful

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