Modeling, posing, fashion photography tips, for models and photographers – incl camera settings

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Bryan York says:

Thank you for the great tips. Found it very helpful and had never thought of it before 🙂  

Andreas says:

good tips

anglomik says:

Thanks for posting; I’m an artist and also an spiring photographer, so I appreciate the info.

misa hourglass says:

U r so preety

edith iamartino says:

make tips on how to do nude photos i been asked this!

Brian VENTH says:

Someone that realises that a dress can also be a prop! Boom!

Shiba Inu Mochi says:

Thank you for the useful tips! I’ll make sure to incorporate these pointers toward my next shoot. (:

niketa dave says:

She is so cute!!

eryl gapuz says:


Luis A. Colon says:

Very well versed in the art of modeling with great photography tips, thanks.


very very one Like your video…..

Theresa G. says:

i love to see her face n wanna know wht the tips she talking about but honestly i feel so dizzy to hear her accent …  🙁 

logan666999 says:

Hi 🙂 Did you use any lighting for those photos in the video ? Or was it just sun ? great video btw. 😉 +1 subscriber 🙂

TimeCode Mechanics says:

Wow! I love how she tells you what’s up then at the end shows you she knows her shit. She’s on point! Great vid!

Do Hieu says:

why you so beatifull?

Daniel Jansen says:

This is great. Thank you for the excellent examples. This was a really well shot tutorial. Great info and all.

Alf Nielsen says:

Lots of good tips, thank you.

Katya Shaposhnikova says:

Thank you for the video!
By the way, I also make a video of photo posing.
Look on my channel.

Tim John says:

Good tips

Byron Arenz says:

What a babe! That British accent… damn…

Paul Padilla says:

+WeeklyImogen I’ve started to watch your videos as I’m getting into photography, so I wanted to say thank you! you’ve been a big help. I’ve always been afraid to do a portrait shoot with a model as I didn’t know how to pose them. But, that aside do you have any tips on how to find a model? I’m not at the level to warrant paying for one lol, but just looking for someone to hone my skills with. I’m starting to use my sister in-law but she lives 3 hours away so we can’t get together as often as I would like. And sadly, my wife works so much or she would totally do it. thank you for any advice. Also, please forgive me if in the future I ask you questions you already have videos to lol 🙂

Edwin Guzman says:

Your my youtube crush! lol Love your vids

Ngurah Peter says:

nice tips..

Vipul Shah says:

 you r so pretty
very nice

Nicky Byrne says:

the little black dress lol

Ivan Tam says:

Are you a photographer?

Jonathan Page Acabo says:

cool haha… though it was an amazing tips… what makes it more perfect is the model :P… haha

Sudarshan Jain says:

so sweet 

sebastian ochoa says:

hahaha now the last minute is just hilarious, although those are really good tips, TY.

Nicky Byrne says:

great video. thanks for all the useful tips.

an guli says:


Nicky Byrne says:

the little black dress lol

Demetrius Wooten says:

This was very helpful thank you so much…

Sohel Rana says:

nice video i like it..did u use adobe photoshop or adobe lightroom for photo editing or it was raw

jibba02 says:

Great posing. 🙂

MrZimma frame says:

the last minute of music is like a funny porno, great video btw

talahmet says:

My heart feel like stormy

rory armstrong says:

Great video. Definitely going to be helpful for my shooting my model next week, can’t wait to put this into practice. 

Preston House says:

Great advice!

Mamoun Abufarha says:

Very lovely 

Abdula Asanovski says:

Amazingly stunning. Also that cleavage omg.

dmitriypopov says:

Granted the last portion of the video wasn’t an actual photo shoot but rather a posing demo, but you really are fantastic and confident on switching between poses; I wish all of the models I work with can shift gear that effortlessly!

Roy artm says:

pretty woman

Amritpal Singh says:

thanx a lot.. ur videos really help me.. my photography has improved a lot.. (y) (y) 
ur doing a great work..

01artist says:

I have a question, are you just posing for a photograph or are you trying to tell a story? Does the photographer just take photos or does he or she want to tell the viewer a story as well? I take photos and sometimes I take just a photo but most of the time I am trying to tell a story. I want the viewer to interact with the model in my work and for her to do the same thing with the viewer. I hope that makes sense.

Emmanuel Salmeron says:

I love your videos but besides that, I think she’s very beautiful!

Achal Bairagi says:

Thanx for the Tipss……

shadowknight moon says:

Shocks i feel suddenly thirsty!:)

dineshbabu asokkumar says:

The tips are very much useful for my shoot… thanks…

Santa Fe Fashion Week™ says:

Great information

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