Model fast posing cataloge king ( male Coco Rocha ) Filip Timotijevic

After my posing video hit more than 4M views on Facebook i had to put it on YouTube :))


Shimmy Potato says:

Looks like he’s dancing meme songs

almi says:

white people

Osami Takegawa says:

To me it looked like he was doing the same pose every 30-40 seconds is that just me?

Pineapple Jamong says:

You should see those Taobao speed models, no offense but they are way faster. Please don’t throw shade, this guy is pretty good as well.

Chellz Bellz says:

Honstly….this is art lol

Elisabeth Lalita says:

He’s the *chosen one*

alliseearedemons says:

They’re similar poses so that’s not impressive. Not hating, just saying.

Potato _Chips says:

My musician side turned the beeping into music

H S 1 2 says:

Anyone else making a beat out of this?

juno says:

soo smooth

salfaridz says:

Male Coco Rocha? you gotta be kidding to yourself dude…coco does all her poses with varieties of emotions. even just for catalouge. Don’t be so full of yourself (based on your acc name, I assume the person in the video is the same as the owner of this acc)

Spymooping Ovaltine says:

Cop: Don’t move or you get tasered.

WusdisWusdat says:

me on 10 Xanax

Criss Garo says:

Ultra gay !!!

ezerlab1 says:

industrial disease

Douche McCracken says:

The only thing I know how to do fast is eat…

Andrew Chibigere says:

Fricken Michael Jacksons

Lassy says:

«  get ready for picture guys !  »

Me :

hope says:

antm could never

Mejichu says:

I thought he was gonna do it the same speed as the other girl but I was disappointed

rain dst says:



It’s like he’s dancing!!!

Deemo Nemo says:

u look like review brah

WHY NOT says:

Me when i look in the mirror wearing new clothes

Phosnub says:

take a shot every time he cross his legs

damn671 says:

Meanwhile in China, models can do 100 pose in a minute

Pamela Herbella says:

I spit my drink xD

Anonymous says:

Well ok then, good to know

Elizabeth Herrera says:

XDDD sorry xDDD

Master Bracknell says:

Soulless and hollow

Darryl says:

Wish I was tall…..

Licht Von Noblesse Orden says:


Riley Harris says:

My boy is literally Voguing and dancing AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!!!

Hazel lll says:

I bet all shots are perfect:v

sarah is dead says:

that beat is fire tho

BLINK GreenTeaAddict says:

It’s just like dancing. For sure he practiced the poses.

King! says:


devle says:

This ain’t nothing compared to the taobao models

snov mantes says:

He’s so fucking hot

Beretta M9 says:

Was this supposed to be impressive? I feel like anyone could learn and strike all of these poses, with the same speed, in an hour

Random Stock Photo says:

One of many of ZUCC’s apprentices

hope says:

0:14 the pause I’m dying

Hanifah khanom says:

Chinese do it better

Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster says:

The Chinese and Korean models are faster

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