Live Photo Reviews: Glamour Photography

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John Rodriguez says:

Really detailed review. You’re one of my favorite photographer. Learned a lot. 

Superformance72 says:

Geez, Squarespace is really working the photography crowd. Karl Taylor, Tony Northrup, Jared Polin and now Snapfactory.

Michael Palmer says:

Lots of people looking at hot pictures but it keeps dropping out. Please upload the inhouse video if possible. Love the info and feedback but with the dropouts not your best work. Have a good time on holiday Mark.

Mario Paul says:

Excellent tips Mark. I’m just starting out and all those tips and details help a lot

Greg S says:

squarespace is expensive and it is not that great.

Cris Mourao says:

Voce nao é nada porque nao tita ia mais voce metaiu

Dr Nasseem Malouf Photography says:

Thanks Mark. Love your eye for detail. So helpful. Thank you kindly.

Nick Carter says:

Your Video is Horrible!  Screen goes dark and nothing and then comes back!

Jay Mack says:

You don’t understand what the gun and the butt pic is trying to say. Mark my dude. Back shots of course

abdul ghani abdul karim says:

Oh man I can notice the erection from your movements in the chair… And your red ears… Its totally normal to be nervous  :0

Scott McGinn says:

“I’m going to try and avoid talking about how good looking the models are…”  except when I talk about how good looking they are lol.
This is a great video, he says from the start that it is subjective and these are his opinions, so when he says he doesn’t like something he backs it up with reasons.  That’s not arrogance, that is discussing and critiquing.  

CCgirl2083 says:

With all the black screen interruption this video was impossible to watch 

Li Ding says:

It’s painful to watch this, so many audio and video clips are cut off!!

green house says:

stop doing the nose ! lol

daveyhu says:

+1 for the remark on studio temperature & goosebumps 🙂

Iyebaka says:

Hey, some guys like arm pits !

Lucas Johnson says:

Video blacks out quite a bit and the audio gets skippy too.. Couldn’t watch it any longer, but still a fan!

Robert Gilbert says:

Personally I’m about 5 times the body temperature of everybody else even if its not Glamour shots. It comes from a car accident crashing some of my nerve system. Not ideal. 

Alexandra Gunnoe says:

i love your photo reviews, thank you for doing this.

TmX says:

god… usa/uk models are soo fucking ugly

Madelyn Clark says:

Why is he criticising a models split ends?? I think he took it a little far…

Cateraoke Photography Weddings and Events says:

Amazing Photography Reviews

montanarealty83 says:

This mostly seems like extremely arrogant “advice”. All you keep saying is that “you” don’t like this or that. As if every shot needs to be exactly what you and only you like. The only style is your style. Period. I don’t know…just seems like very pretentious and arrogant advice in this video. 

Pezby69 says:

Have a great time in India.. Looking forward to some great shots while youre there ..Happy Holidays..

MIchael Dax says:

try capturing in camera & broadcast the file.   Way too many blackouts. great info & opinions. 

cutthroatbum says:

I really like to learn from the pros for how they would like to improve a photo.  Unfortunately, the audio and video gone out a lot in this clip.  As usual, learned some tips here as well.  Keep up the good work.

Hisham Al Nahla says:

There was so many black screen intervals shown over the video .. technical problem I guess …

Kenny D' says:

I’ve worked with the model that you see at the 36:45 mark of the video and she’s amazing.

Stephen Rutherford says:

A bald bloke in front of a computer selling stuff doesn’t seem very glamorous.

Carlos Rodrigues says:


nunayafb says:

~5 minutes in, this asshole equates the presence of a gun in a photo with violence???
It is a hunting shotgun and she is wearing sports attire, how about getting your head out of your propaganda spewing ass and associate this photo with ….

Joshua Boldt says:

Girls with guns is a “thing” on the internet. Don’t ask too many questions.  🙂 



Ignacy Kundzicz says:

from when  river line must be a horizon?:) 24.00

Steve F says:

Jesus, people… this is a critique…if you don’t like the video, move along!

Douglas H Stout says:

1:07:10 that is a skinny guy wearing a bra.

99Fugitives and 1 cat says:

your video sucks .. try re upload

Sam Tucker - XeoPhoto says:

So harsh on Armpits. So models should just keep their arms down, Mark? 😀

Jorge delaBarra says:

37:55 – Voyeur? Nope. Not the right word choice.


Your Video goes in and out, and it’s like a lot of clips, were put together, can clearly hear it in the audio too. That’s too bad, because it could be a good broadcast.

Daehawk says:

Not being a professional photographer I would look at those photos and for the most part think something is off but have no idea what it was. Once you pointed them out I saw most of them. Cool stuff.

chriscumbag says:

This video is a solid example of why you edit your videos before upload. Black screens, audio dropping out, etc.

Fahad Khan says:

‘Let’s go look at this girl’s Butt now!’ 
Lmao cracked me up real bad!

Taj Manocha says:

I would like to see couple of pictures you shoot.

Ric Aldrich says:

LOL not that much into guns….We knew that going in. Gratz you have made half naked women boring 

Luis Eduardo says:

bad video editing

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