Light and Pose a Boudoir Photoshoot with Rachel Stephens

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In this clip from the creativeLIVE course, Boudoir Photography, Rachel Stephens shares her shortcut for preserving texture while retouching skin. Stephens aims for limited and subtle Photoshop adjustments to enhance, not significantly change her portrait subject.

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David Maylen says:

I’m surprise she is shooting tethered to her lights – radio slaves get rid of those cords on the ground. Nice studio space though

jim mcdowell says:

Wow, the model is absolutely beautiful.

Jon Page says:

Gorgeous 🙂

Michael Palmer says:

client on a dirty floor, not what I call professional

mica Taylor warrick says:

I want ideas on sexy photos I’m plus size

AmishElvis1 says:

What I liked the most was some of the words the photographer used, such as “hinge” of the neck. Makes it easy to understand for the model.

brad ziggler says:

Seriously a fat woman? how is that a model?

Mat Davey says:

This lady has the battery grip for easy portrait shots, but has the camera flipped the completely opposite way lol

bash5995 says:

Beautiful model, please show more tutorials with plus size (real women) models!

Tom Ludlow says:

dat model

Howard Morris says:

You have the woman lay on a cold wood floor? Sorry? wth is that about?

Jazz504 says:

I need those bottoms!!!

Patrick H. Burger says:

I like the fact that the Model is curvy. It’s easy to shoot a thin, fit Model where everything stays in place no matter if she’s standing up, sitting down or lying flat on the floor. You really have to understand lighting and posing when shooting a curvy or +size Woman.

aroua abdellah says:

gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood super  جميلة

goldfish1871 says:

i feel like this course was good, but the clip CreativeLive put on youtube made it seem “meh”

Brice Deylac says:

A shame we just see one picture… you could show the pictures at the end of the video!

Michael Palmer says:

On the face of it Pros don,t walk about kicking leads .that is bad studio practice that is being relayed to her students, just hope the clients get decent images. 
I have seen far better from snapchick.

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