Less Is More: High-End Fashion on a Budget with Michael Corsentino

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joe votta says:

White pants on white background? I would have changed the color of one of these components.

Taylor Kim says:

love this!! thanks so much

dadvian kevorkian says:

ommmmm too much equipment and lame lame pictures..i can do so much better with only one speedlight

More & Fashion says:

Hi please help me understand, How manny watts are your flashes? 500 watts or more? I wish to achieve the same as you have with these pictures…

Michael Bradley says:

Too much talk about everything else…. Stay on point

LongtowerNyc says:

Appreciate the video but on the diagram it shows a Profoto 7a pack Phase one body and Schneider lens. That’s at least like 15 k or more worth of equipment. Not including the pocket wizards, backdrops or parabolic. I get your point and agree but I think using less expensive gear would have more solidified the message. Do it with a point and shoot, flash triggering a cheap brand light on slave mode then it would be a more defined message.

Chris Cooney says:

Great video but your camera isn’t anywhere close to most peoples budget

mark shirley says:

Great info Thanks – Question – why did you need to shoot at F16.

Tomas Fredriksson says:

Like like like

Stan Schurman says:

I use the Westcott 7′ parabolic with 3 Nikon SB-910s zoomed back to 25mm on a Wescott Triple Threat bracket and the heads flared out to 45 degrees to fill the umbrella. I find I get a nice (close to) high key light even at 100 ISO at F8 and the speed lights at 1/4 to 1/8 power, but with the umbrella closer to the subject than your 15′. I like your idea though and will try it further back with the power boosted to 1/2 or even full if needed. I think I’ll get away with 1/2 power.

Afolabi Babarinde says:

hi, is the light directly behind you or is it to side.

vasanth saravanan says:

would an octa 175cm will get the same effect?

Photogangie says:

Sorry but the styling is all wrong for high end fashion. Especially the second look that is not high end fashion at all.

Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

Fantastic tips

Tschännel says:

He talks too much and repeats himself over and over.

Jeff Diffner says:

Really enjoyed the video and hope to put some of your ideas to test during my next shoot. Regarding your camera placement, are you standing between the model and light source or are you shooting via remote?


I think you have a very wrong idea what is high fashion photography to start with … regardless the gear .. just the shooting in general .. just call it photoshoot on budget without ( HIGH END FASHION ) cause you ruining the name of the high fashion
world like that .. cheers

Bjorn Hermansen says:

Great info, thanks!

Alise Mathews says:

Michael’s explanations on lighting with bounce-back umbrella’s were very well done. I wish i could afford some of the tools he works with like the Wescott seven foot parabolic and the Briese. Well done, Michael.

Brian Michael says:

I had a question.. The Paul C Buff PLM umbrella is on sale.. the 7ft one is going for $65
compared to the Westcott that is about $100 which would you recommend?
Is their a diff in build quality or light quality? I mean.. it is a diff of only $35 so its not like the vast diff in price that you list in this video..
Which would you recommend?

Ade Tambunan says:

how did you shoot it and not showing up your shadow? because in the picture you shoot it in front of the umbrella.

Albert buksnis says:

Keep on Talking Michael, the more you talk the better I understand, thank you much. Always wondered what a 7 foot umbrella could do, great presentation !

1TheQuickstep says:

Dunno if you will read this since your video is already a year old, but it would have been way better to see you shooting the image and explain this in a live situation. This graphic was not very helpful, and it was very hard to follow if you have only theoretical speech.

Outdoorner says:

I fell in love with the channel Until i read the answers for the comments. To me the answers sound rude and unprofessional. I believe in this business you need to get the critics in more friendly way.
Good luck but I’m leaving.

Taby Cheng says:

I just bought the westcott parabolic umbrella and was searching everywhere for other people’s experience using it. I loved this video and how you explained your set up. Awesome job 🙂 I would recommend putting the name Westcott Parabolic Umbrella somewhere in the name so when people search it – it will come to this.

Tobias Klein says:

Great video! Could you explain why you wanted F16 and not just F8 for example? The depth of field will be there with F8 already I think.

Videography Inspiration And Photography says:


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