Learning How to Vogue in 30 Days | Glamour

In this episode of 30 Days to Greatness, Audrey learns how to vogue from Leiomy Maldonado, known as the Wonder Woman of Vogue. Vogue is a style of dance characterized by model-like poses with angular body movements. Vogueing started in the Harlem ballroom scene, an underground LGBT community. Most participants in ball culture belong to groups known as “houses” that serve as alternative families, primarily consisting of black and Latino queer youth. Vogueing gained mainstream exposure in 1990 when it was featured in the documentary “Paris is Burning” and Madonna’s song and video “Vogue.” Audrey practices and performs signature vogue moves including posing, cat walking, duck walking, and dipping.

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Learning How to Vogue in 30 Days | Glamour


Tionna Johnson says:

I wanna Learn how to vogue

Sharyn Corpuz says:

When are they going to continue this series? I’m obsessed

Sardonyx Mage says:


itsallaboutlove 24-7-365 says:

Great job! You and Leiomy are stunning!

M says:

Love the message ! If you mess up, just keep going

King Red says:

yas henny

Natalia Sikora says:

Well now I know not to call it a death drop

niceguy 2014 says:

That is the same studio in Pose!!!!

ChasingDreams says:

This looks like so much fun!

Dumbassb1tch says:


Jacky Glazkov says:

U def picked the right person!!! Leiomy is fiiiiierce!

Brooke F. says:

Leiomy is my hero, I love her lol I’m so glad she’s teaching in this video

Lillian Johnson says:

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DIP AND A DEATH DROP. A dip is when you dip down. But a death drop is when you LITERALLY drop to the ground!!!

Edward Burns says:

that gave me *LIFE*

Jay J says:

Bring these back‼️‼️

Lee Milby says:

OMG you got to study with a LEGEND!!!! Sooooooo lucky <3 <3 <3

Aquario Hub says:

first loose ur ugly fat …..

Camila says:

I realized that I’ve been low-key voguing all my life.

Monique L. Hatch says:

It helps to have a good attitude about yourself to start

La Princesa XP says:

When’s the next ep coming :/

Brick Brack says:

She called a dip a death drop so that’s an automatic chop for me.

SenZen Inspired says:

Legendary Leiomyyyyy!

chim chim says:

4:24 why does that look like sims posing-

Dead Arrow says:

Still calling it death drop

armando rascon says:

4:29 “well dwarling” i felt that

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