Introduction to Glamour Photography with Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce teaches the basics of glamour photography:

Sue Bryce was the Australian Portrait Photographer of the year for 2011. She built a portrait business from zero to $25,000 per week as a single woman in her home garage.

In this segment Sue introduces how she photographs women, how she brings more feminine posing into your work, her secrets for hair and makeup, and the powerful marketing techniques she’s used to build her business.

For the entire Glamour Photography course:


Angel R Medina says:

I have learn more in this video than Tamara Lackey’s. really precious information. Thanks!

Galyna Zastavnyuk says:


Coolride17 says:

Nice to find someone that thinks like I do, about photographing women.

Nelson Cintron says:

awesome video…I learned a lot of important information…Thank you for sharing..

Nico M Beltramino says:

Hola CreativeLive. Podrian subtitular en español? GRACIAS! =) Saludos desde Argentina, Rosario

Daniella Topia says:

thank you so much this video has help me so much to understand where to next for my self

matalata says:

When someone tells me, “Do you shoot weddings?”

I turn into the Human Torch and say “Flame on!” I despise weddings, couple pictures, baby pictures, and headshots. Thanks Sue!

bummer4451 says:

Awesome speaker! And totally inspiring for budding photographers.

Tittan Kittelsaa says:

This video is exactly what I need right now. No money has lead to no motivation, but this gave me hope for the future I want as a photographer.

FilmPhoto says:

You Rock Sue!!!

Emjayography says:

Me in a womans body I swear exactly like me to a T

Rima B says:

you are amazing…:)

rpavich says:

Sue Bryce is brilliant.

Ess zwarts says:

she is great

Luis Salazar says:

Good yeah very good ,I just woke up !

Alberto Cabrera says:


kaisar1 says:

wow being an amateur photographer myself, Sue Bryan’s strict approach, enthusiasm and knowledge about this particular line of work shes famous for has made her my new fav teacher. She definitively knows and is content about what shes saying. Obviously, pictures she has taken speak about her professionalism


saxejazz says:

Watching and listening to this video was like a reading a good book that you just can’t put down. Educational, modest and truly inspirational.
Thank you.

Elio Camey says:

Wow, loved every minute…so inspiring!

Nicole Sijnja says:

For a while I have thought about genre or style i’m going to specialize in and everything Sue says resonates with me so much. For a long time i struggled with my beauty and how I look but have learnt to love my body. I want to make woman feel beautiful & show them that they had the beauty inside them the whole time!!

randybarrera says:

Loved this video!

chillycity101 says:

there is many websites where girls showing their webcam that are way better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy to hunt for them so ill tell you where i go just type in GIRLCM.COM

لِماذا أنتِ هُناك تقِفين عند ناصيةِ أحلامي تعالي وأسكُني صدري فقدْ جَهزتُ قلبي لِتَسكُنين فيه وجَهزتُ

rudresh says:

Mesmerizing voice… Wonderful content. Thanks Sue.

stratosfirebird says:

you are so sexy..!!! 🙂

Ponte Ryuurui says:

fantastic material here

Kirsty McGill says:

great video and just inspiring to watch a successful woman with her own business.

rebecca ednie says:

This is absolutely inspiring. As an aspiring photographer and as a real woman who hates having pictures taken. Wow!

Guitarz1970 says:

WOW! I couldn’t stop watching.
My new marketing program starts tomorrow!
Thanks Sue.

Lidia Negrila says:

you are amazing!!!

Ronald Valdez says:

just WOW

Luke Ballentine says:

Thank you so much Sue!! I think this maybe the third or more times I have watched this video and each time it makes more and more sense. Thanks again.

ThePinkChilli says:

I could hear you talk for days…

Steven Conrad says:

I sat for one of her 8 hour seminars mesmerized by her knowledge and her orating (notice she never says “uh” or “duh”). A true gem. I love, respect and admire this woman. Talent personified.

Phirom Jones says:

Best vid ever, thanks for the advise, right on the target.

Lacy Gastelum says:

I love this… I have no idea how I ended up here but thank you 🙂

Jorge Gil says:

Such a powerful video , thank you.
Made me dig deep to answer why I what to photograph.

Lauren Ashley says:

LOVE sue bryce.. she’s so fun, inspirational, and educational ! I teach this glamour photo as well! 

Cristopher Selga says:

thanks for this video. it really inspired me to take photos not only for those who have beautiful face. thank you thank you

Partoftheratpack says:

I could watch Sue Bryce everyday and on each day I’d be getting something done!.

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