Hypnotize Your Clients | Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze

Sue teaches you how to hypnotize your clients as you direct them to pose their hands and relax their mouths for a portrait session. http://cr8.lv/YWvkDS

Sue Bryce is posing a model as Felix Kunze shoots in this clip from CreativeLive Photo Week. In Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting, Sue and Felix talk about the range of options you have for posing hands for fashion shoots and how to get the most flattering looks.

Get more tips from Sue and Felix here: http://cr8.lv/YWvkDS

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Ieda Brito says:

OMG! I love you Sue, I love you and I think you are a great professional, you’re very clear and easy to understand. I’m learning photography and trying to learn as much as I can watching your free videos until I can’t watch them anymore and have to buy those marvellous lessons.
You are a star Sue 🙂
Greetings from a Brazilian loving and living in London.

Alijoker says:

It is so interesting that I felt I just miss Sue Bryce’s accent and tutoring and ended up here!

Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital says:

pretending to burp is a nice openmouth pose. natural

Anthony Louis says:

Love, Love, LOVE your instruction style and direction Sue. I am more motivated now more than ever. Thank you!

Adriana Pilonieta says:

I just love both of you and your accents!


Hola actualmente me encuentro en el estado de México y en lo particular me encanta la fotografía, para mi usted es increíble tomando fotos, el concepto que usted maneja en todos sus trabajos….Mi pregunta es ¿Usted cuenta con una escuela ? para impartir clases? en lo personal me encantaría aprender fotografía por parte de usted….. saludos

Juan Juarez says:

Hi Sue excellent video, I have a question, what is the lighting scheme? I see that in every shot there is a flash but I see the position of the flash?
Greetings from Mexico.

Travis Kraft says:

I am a male model and those poses would look so silly if a guy did them. lol
Keep the good videos coming. I am a fairly new subscriber. 

partyincorporated says:

I am not photographer, but I can listen to both of them speak all day! There’s speaking style actually pulled me into us and everything they were saying 🙂

Felicitas LaPadite says:


Rich Barschdorf says:

Great ideas, love the kiss one.

Carl Harrison says:

Great video and as Travis says, would be good to show a male model version too, thanks for the video! 🙂

Alex Wallace says:

What a complete an utter load of tosh; the perfect guide to tick-box robot-style monotonous crap.

Lindsey Gayle says:

The woman is a flipping genius. #teamsuebryce   #existinphotos   #28dayswithsue  

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