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Watch this video that contains footage from a real Jason Lanier Workshop conducted in Nevada over the span of 2 days in March 2013. Footage contains tips on posing, lighting, composition, and more as well as the images that Jason took during the workshop.

This is provided to give the viewer a great idea as to what a photography workshop with Jason Lanier is like. You will see him use a variety of products including Nikon, Speedlights, Ray Flash, Pocket Wizards, Sony Video Lights, Rotolights, MeFoto Tripods, Benro Tripods, Sunbounce Reflectors, Calumet Light Panels and more.

Contains footage of a Camaro SS with the models Gwen Garci and Tylor Perry. This is what a real workshop should look and feel like. You shouldn’t be walking around a hotel with 100 other people where no one is really learning. REAL SHOOTS, REAL LOCATIONS, REAL RESULTS.


danny bowes says:

They paid good money to be talked down to like that? really?

Kevin Brazda says:

Where are these pictures taken?

Walter Gerard says:

Thanks Jason for taking the time to post these videos…really learning a lot here!

Rick P says:

i cant believe all the negative replies, i can only take an educated guess that its due to envy, jealousy and your typical trash aggression because of their life being a failure ,they have the need to try and knock down people that are doing well with their ambitions , Jason your creativity and photography are outstanding thanks for sharing it with us

Ghost Gun Guru says:

Why is the “teacher” touching the model?? It seems very inappropriate.

He says his shots are awesome when they are wide angle close-up shots with the people in the edges so their heads are distorted!!! That’s not awesome. That’s not knowing how to use your equipment.

I can’t even finish watching.

O James says:

The video caption got it all wrong. This is not wedding photography, it’s a fashion shoot.

Nicolás Diaz says:


RedEyrisFilms says:

quick question if i get the pocket wizard FlexTT5 for on the camera to be able to get sync speeds higher then 320 sec. will i be able to use the pocket wizard plus 3, and plus x on the strobes? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Phil Seaton says:

This bloke gives me the creeps. He comes across like such a dick too. I would have walked by now if he was selling me this workshop as “how to pose wedding photography”, ridiculous. Sleaze.

Achar photography says:

super planning . so much photographer its ther but its not nnecessary i think,

Chris Angeles says:

He kept on saying.. wow.. wow.. wow.. then you look at the photos.. wow he suck lol

Armen Moskovian says:

Where’s the fedora?!?!

Ali Khawar says:

Wow! Jason seriously pissed off a lot of people by touching the model.

Joey Roa says:

20:54 i love this shot…

preetham konda says:

Flash is the one that makes magic in this kind of PHOTOGRAPHY

Vadim Om says:

dude, after watching vids like this i wold never pay you a cent to visit your workshop, cuz you aint teaching theese guy a single fucking thing, youre not letting them take photos after youve done your shoot, you dont let anyone pose a model, youre always in the frame after youre done so noone can match your results! interesting to see what pictures they took if they even did a nice photo. youre such fucking asshole and your personality sucks

Small Kid - Big Tech says:

So creative. Awesome location. Thanks for the video.


Her and him? I’m sure they both have names!

john murphy says:

Great shoot.  2 questions for you, 1: are they a real couple 2: where on earth is the Fedora?

Yasser Jamil says:

i wana work with u …. if u have any post for me … i’m also a photographer…

Sunil Ajmeri says:

Sir i come to your work shop Sir

Creative Mind says:

I noticed that most of your shots with the bride and groom are days before the wedding. Do u ever shoot those shots the day of the wedding.

Foto Asil says:


TheDarkKnight says:

I would rather drive the gorgeous Camaro

Darla Connolly says:

please tell me the settings used to get the car clear (while moving) and the people. i heard you say fstop of 4. what about speed? thanks.. friggin awesome video. i wanna try this 🙂

magic2k6 says:

Gwen Garci of the Philippines. Nice model.

Ariya 9191 says:

How wonderful the way You take picture with natural view

mOnO101 says:

Whaaa, this guys is so far up his own arse he needs to have his nipples pierced to see. Talks nonsense…..

nivin stevens says:

Awesome photo shoot, being different. Keep up the great tutorials Jason.

ProvidEd709 says:

this is why l did’t go to school photography, l learned on job site.

Matteo_oz says:

i Don’t like the first image. There was too details extractor by the subjects, so they seems like get out from a postcard. The image look like over exposed and there isn’t a real difference between lights and shadow, so the look of the photo is flat, not very contrasted, not so interesting. Anyway this is my opinion, i like to see more contrast in the photos to get them much stronger.

Nemo Express says:

That’s some good stuff

Chris Angeles says:

Amazing photos Jason. Just kidding

Chris Bareng says:

you all know they were just models, not a real wedding shoot…shes a porn star in the Phillipnes

Evan Prasetya says:

wow Gwen Garci 🙂

T Tommy says:

Watching this video in 2018, he’s gotten a lot better.

Kenneth D. Aston Jr. says:

. I would suggest getting educated in photography learn everything you can, then take these workshops

Sunil Ajmeri says:

Shaka laka Sir enjoy the work Sir so much

Aron Peters says:

About doing it in Ps. I was telling a friend of mine about a photo I want to create. He said, “Yeah but you can just Photoshop it”. I said, ” Yes, I know I can, but I want to do it for real. So I can say, look at what I created WITHOUT Ps”.

abaswilderness says:

Damn Jason is awesome!


super cool, turning your fan after this dear. keep inspiring

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