How to Pose Swimwear Models

Joey Wright teamed up with Fstoppers to create a full length tutorial on swimwear photography. This short excerpt from the tutorial focuses on posing. If you’re not working with a professional model, this video will help you quickly spot and correct common posing mistakes made on set. This skill applies to every genre of photography, not just swimwear shoots.

If you want to learn more about the full tutorial, check out:


Silent Slo-mo says:

I love how he communicates with her.. That is key when getting portraits..

your6FIGUREmentor says:

I know that girl! LOL! She’s my Fashion Model/MBA student mentee’s best friend!

Linusphotographie says:

Nice Video

Omkar S says:

You’re tearing me apart Lisa

jootai says:

So what is the command for her to start sucking yo dick?

Keith Snyder says:

This was a pretty helpful video. The talk with Lisa was great to see how to go about it. I haven’t done much people photography, and I got pretty nervous on a project I’m working on with some people who aren’t even models because I want to be clear but not come across as bossy. The “grabbing your chin” and “grabbing your face” is much better than the pointing around I was doing! I also didn’t realize that discomfort was a good indicator.

Alexander Merker says:

awesome video guys, thx for that!
btw. which song is this, playing in the beginning. liked it a lot!

My burnt Diary says:

I m intrstd in modals photography …soo tell plzz what shud i go for doin …??

daniel junior pilote says:

Absolute legend! Seriously this piece of tutorial is way better than most of the other videos ive seen on this!

Garry Vancauwenbergh says:

Selling your own vision on a DVD and asking 300 bucks for it is insane.  If youlook well, you see directly that Lisa worked with him before. The show must goes on , this is typical for USA.

Ahmed diamond العامري says:

good combination music as usual with the girls movement but old

edgon says:

Interesting but $300 is too expensive.

Oliver Rensch says:

Lisa is very Hot 😉

Jared Kinley says:

Seriously you guys did awesome I sent this to a few people models and photographers because we all need to know how to pose!

Zirnigais says:

Very useful video !

Elvis says:

The gestures are great!

Subodh Khanal says:

Who else came just for the girls? 😛

Eli says:

This is an outstanding tutorial. Whoever is going to dislike it is an idiot!

Doug Smith says:

Overall I enjoyed the video. It reinforced somethings that I try to do already but I also got some great tips that I had not thought of. The squinting discussion was something that I do not agree with, but I almost feel that it was more of a semantics issue. I did not feel Lisa was really squinting. I think James Madison’s suggestion was good.

That said, I did find the first part of the video, while informative, a bit off-putting. The first thing I found a bit odd was you talking to her and she never saying a thing, just occasionally nodding her head rather mechanically. I would have preferred if you had talked to the viewers; more like the second half of the video.

The other thing that you did during the video that I felt gave a totally wrong impression was when you reached over and moved her into the position you wanted. While I am sure that you have probably worked with the model a lot and she was probably fine with it, I feel for a tutorial it gives the wrong impression to photographers just starting out. I always ask permission to touch the model or the model’s hair, even models who I know very well and who are more like family.

Pieter says:

Excellent tutorial. And that girl is gorgeous.

Pedro Hoffmann says:

Lisa you are gorgeous!

bla40955 says:

Awww…I tought Mela was going to appear on this one 🙁

Bryn Price says:

Does anyone else think that when Joey is posing Lisa it is like he is talking to Alexa? “Lisa, swing your left knee out from your body” 🙂

schalazeal07 says:

I learned a lot! 😀

szido says:

I watched the BTS videos, and I thought Joey was just a clown. But no! He is a real professional. 🙂

Bill Buffet says:


Fabrizio Evans says:

Joey is awesome! 🙂

Johnny Tig says:

She is looking Really Good

Romain M says:

Great advices, thanks !

David Styv says:

Amazing part of lesson. I must say of the posing lesson videos i’ve seen, it’s probably the best, at explaining also why he is choosing the poses, trying to get a balance / natural feel. I admit it’s really making me want to see more of Joey passing some of his tips like here.

Terri Brice says:

I’m trying to get in to this career can somebody tell me how about getting into this thank u so much

ThrasherTheKid says:

Damn, this is some good tutorial.

Robert Jackson says:

Great advice for posing the model

Reynaldo Mercado says:

Thanks. I learned some important things about it. About the innocent look of this model, sorry I didn’t see it.

REB3Lgirls V.colombiana says:

Why does he say Lisa so much?! Started getting annoying

Spawn Brimstone says:

Omg, Lisa! <3

Johnny Tig says:

I would give her an blanket.

Nick Fox says:

Next shoot, Tops off girls.

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