In this vlog; Through my experience as a LVFT Athlete/Model, I provide simple steps for how to pose for a photoshoot. I hope this helps someone out there! Just work it girl, channel that inner Beyonce!

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Ashley Greer says:

I am loving all of my new livefit outfits! Made a whole video on it!!! They are amazing!!

Elke Fallas says:

I know this is an old video, but these are great tips!!! Thanks!

BeckyGameplays says:

Wow, thanks! LOL my bf really seemed to like it when i did these poses in the mirror….wonder why @-@ XD

St. Burner says:

She has the best sounding voice! I love it!

Alicia Smart says:

Great video! Really helpful thanks 🙂

crista Morgan says:

i just did my first photoshoot and looking back at some of the pics i had a problem relaxing my mouth modeling is hard work! lol thanks for the tips! 🙂

GirlsHuntToo Vlogs says:

You are great at Posing 🙂

Bethany Kidd says:

I am going into the modeling industry and these tips are very useful.Thank you!

Kc R says:

My first photo shoot was so awkward haha

Tony Burrows says:

I’m doing a model shoot soon thanks this video was really helpful.

Mai Neng Vang says:

I love this!!! Thanks for all the helpful hints!

Lisa Love says:

Randi where are your jeans from in this photo shoot? I love them and would like to get a pair! Thank you.

Brooke Langmaid says:

just found this video! i’m a photographer and i’m definitely going to refer people to this, totally will help to coach awkward models too.

Sejal Pawar says:

your poses r perfect thanks!!!

Maressa Cox says:

Love the burgundy tank!

Kitty Rodriguez says:

Love the jeans!! Which brand are they??

nilka morales says:

I wonder how you aren’t a model❤

DaveSincere says:


Celestina Sin says:

I’m not model material nor am I planning to pursue modeling but I am gonna have a photoshoot for my birthday soon and I’m so thankful I found your channel.

And btw, you look gorgeous! I actually like you.

Hailey Seward says:

i want to go into modeling but I’m not so confident so I don’t know if I should.

Kc R says:

Yasss abs

Kortney Sowers 2020 says:

I know this is old but My first photoshoot is coming up , This really hepled me

E. Ariel says:

I have a spring photoshoot at my agency, this is helping me!

Mamaastarr says:

Thank you for this! Your amazing at what you do. The new stuff is cute!

dear baess says:

ahaaa thanks …kind of gonna start and have to practise poses

Ismael Rodriguez says:

where can i view the photos from this shoot? i noticed he didnt use a flash, wondering lens he was using.

Should I Get It says:

Those are good tips Randi! I’ll be sending this to models before I shoot with them.

@BenRevzinPhotography on IG

Taylor Renee says:

I loved this!! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ SEXY AF

Jessica Davis says:

great tips first photoshoot tomorrow!! I’m excited

Sherita Dunbar says:

This was very helpful! I swear I always do like one or 2 poses but I never know what to do with my darn hands. Lol! Oh and the face tips helped a lot too. Take care, glad I found your channel:)

Inga Suskevic says:

Thank you so much. i hope we pass the modelling. My daughter wants to become a model and I’ve booked one in on the august that 13th. thank you so much for the tips and the posing.

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