How To Master Modeling Poses: LOOK GOOD IN EVERY PIC!

I decided to share with you guys some of my top tips on mastering all modeling poses and make sure you look good in all of your pictures. As always, if you have any questions please let me know!

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Lauren Coleman says:

as a photographer, this was so helpful!

Ariel booplesnoop says:

Also i have a similar jaw line like you, but i always felt so bad about it on me. But you look beautiful with it! sorta pop up my confidence

Olivia Bella says:

Great video, thank you guys!

Curls Amaze says:

I LOVED THIS VIDEO! I’ve always needed some tips on posing, what to do with my arms, how to stand etc. but these are really great! thanks for the advice, you’ve helped me so much Heather! I appreciate this ❤️❤️

Breanna Thomas says:
Please go vote or donate, donations go to children with cancer!

You can vote everyday day and it would mean a lot!

doc mcstuffin says:

you are so gorgeous

Gamer3Galaxy says:

what if you have a big nose and you feel super insecure about it, cause I want to turn my face slightly since that’s what a lot of models do, but then my nose just looks ugly

Bernard Sunchez says:

You have experience

I. B says:

definitely going to try these

Jennifer Duquette says:

1. Be naturally hot from all angles

Julia Skorupa says:

You are so beautiful

Anna L says:

Where is your coat from?

D B says:


Raq Natural says:

Thank you for your tips! This will help all models including plus size

djohnson6528 says:

Would she be as interesting as a model without all that hair? I doubt it.. she’s all hair.. if she had short hair she’d be pretty average ..

Jorjia Bond says:

you look amazing I’m obsessed 

can relate when you said “typal modical look” HAHA

Kalicia Smith says:

New sub

Liaa Ne’sha says:

What advice you have for beginner models… main on how to deal with shyness in front of the camera

Dimitra Sabani says:


Kamryn Leann says:

Yoooo this helps !!

Sallie Jackson says:

Any tips for short (like 5’1) aspiring models?

Michaela Kegler says:

Love her hair!!!

I. B says:

these were really good tips

This Is Glamboy says:

Girl thank you so much

High On Gravity says:

You’re gorgeousss!

Vicky Rathod says:

plz brushing your hair…….dont straight only brushing

Kansas Chaney says:


Makynzie Trimnal says:

Where are the pants from?

viceb7 says:

This girls hair is so beautiful

Naebaebeaute says:

This was super helpful, def need to learn my angles

djohnson6528 says:

Also modeling is … Pointless.. what’s the point of modeling? So sell ppl shit they can’t afford and don’t need.. or to expose yourself to society for superficial reasons..

Modeling doesn’t highlight anything anyone has earned.. it’s just using what you were born with.m so you didn’t earn your looks.. you earn your education… Modeling is superficial and shallow

Larimar Sky says:

Love that hair!

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