How To Learn Posing Techniques

Posing, positioning hands and feet, telling people how to stand for a photo all takes time to learn. One shortcut is to hire a professional model and ask them to teach you, because believe me – they know!

And I mean a professional. Don’t just ask the boy or girl or attractive couple from next door to pose for you because unless they’re pro models, they won’t know what they’re doing and can’t teach you. You’ll have to direct them which is not what this exercise is about.

Trust me. If you want to learn about posing, body shapes, how to stand, position hands and feet this is a great investment.

Mike Browne

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worldismine says:

lott of exposure in video you can less it to look cool

shubham samarth says:

you look like chandler bing

Rachel B says:

Very helpful thank you!!

Brian MetalHead says:

She could imitate a plank and still look good.

Eric George says:

Every day is a school day, thanks Mike and Steph, this was great.

wiinick71 says:

I love to shoot people, and always struggled with direction, I`ve recently become good friends with a free lance model, and I`m learning so much! good vid!


I’ve done snake shoots where I needed to manipulate the snake a little bit. In those cases, I’ll approach the model. Otherwise, I like not even approaching the model, much less touching. Maybe I’d like approaching if I were younger and healthier, but at my age and condition, just standing back and describing things is much easier. Experienced models move so much faster than I can shoot that I don’t have time to do anything other than shoot.

Enforcer says:

Jolly good Banging time Mate! Nice Booty!

Duwang Man says:

*clears throat*

Paul D says:

Great advice! I’m new to portrait and head shot photography. Now, I have some starting points to optimize my results.

anil ji says:


Gelo Bongs says:

Though they forgot about the portrait shots, this is really good as I am a beginner, it is a huge help. Thanks Mike and Steph.

Teddy Bear says:


Juan Hernandez Jr. says:

These are great tips. I’d really like to do model photography, so this really helps. Thanks for sharing.

Adi feraro says:

Great video

TonyMaxMorgan says:

Hi Mike, amazing video 🙂 I found it because I want to start my journey in portrait photography 🙂 I’m sure I will check out more of your videos. Great job done here 🙂

mike conner says:

she’s too far away and this vid is boring

Allan Kostyk says:

Great video. thank you. I am about to shoot two girls but I can not afford a real model.

Joe Mac Supa Chef says:

he said “teach me shit” haha

Joe Cerda says:

great stuff…thank you for sharing

Manjistha Rawat says:

I enjoyed it!! Thanks 🙂


hi mam,kindly help me how to prepare oil, thanks

Minessa Lp says:

This was really good and healpful !!

ghw7192 says:

I was lucky.  Decades ago, when I’d first opened my studio and I finally got a chance to work with a professional model, I explained to her that I was an experienced photographer, but I’d not had an assignment like this before.  Her response was “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll teach you everything you need to know to make me look good.”  She kept her word and I kept my studio for 32 years.  Thank you, Julie!

mbaxter22 says:

What a cute little tush on that model. Good tips, which I look forward to using on my girlfriend shortly.

Joey Ruiz says:

One of the Best Modeling coach is Ito Ninja in NYC , he is the best and he was taught Runway from WILLI NINJA AND POSING He learned From BENNY NINJA From AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL , He is an amazing teacher . I learned soo much and got jobs , I recommend you all to take his class, .. his name is, ITO NINJA ,, He is on FB, AND TWITTER, INSTAGRAM. ETC ETC ,,, GOD BLESS ALL ,

Mike Brown says:

Great tips in this video, thanks for doing this, and awesome name by the way!

HallWoodProductions says:

She comes across to confident and she seems like she knows whats best. Some stuff I disagree with her. Some of her poses came off awkward and not natural and somewhat robotic especially the shoulder one where she shrugged them back way to far. At the end of the day iIt comes down to different models. Some models can pose certain ways and make the pose look great and natural while other models may come across forced and awkward. Thats the beauty with working with different types of models they have different styles. She obviously is a great model but alot of it comes down to her opinion and what she is comfortable doing.

BLC says:

Thanks for taking us on your journey!

Luther Agda says:

This is wonderful episode… may i request more of this? XD

Tomal Bhattacharjee says:

that’s really a superb video tutorial… can you make a similar video with a non model… and a different body type . and in which you will be giving directions to your subject…

Derrick Spurrier says:

Thank you to you both..I learned a lot.

Shaneel says:

Very informative video! Thanks Mike!

Valdano Morgan says:

Excellent stuff Mike. Wonderful stuff and great idea on how to learn posing. I just made a few phonecalls, though one of them happened to be a lovely lady in my community :). Hopefully she knows a thing or two.

Mike Dewis says:

Brilliant, three awesome people. Dave the camera man is a legend too. Learned so much from this video. Thank you!

David Green says:

Problem is that the model ain’t your niece or nephew, so I think if you want pictures of them it’s useless to hire a model. What a load of crap! If you want photos of a certain look or style, then hire a model, Der! dG New Forest UK

Paul Cole says:

Mike your videos are excellent. I think I have watched most of them and have learned so much. Thanks. Have just bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ330 which I am practicing with. Thanks again.

DasKaiserUGV says:

My god, she is so gorgeous and I love her accent *.*

Trupti Rajput says:

very informative… n liked d line ‘Dont touch d model’..

Big John says:

She is too confident about what she says but I dont agree with her… 04:47 quite casual and relaxed with her bum like that? She stands like she has lordosis… so I dont think so.. her photo is weird unnatural & unnatural 05:38

Saif Uddin says:


Sankar Das says:

wow she is so relented. i wish i will also get such kind of model. who make my wrk much easier

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