How to learn 30 flow poses for your model photography in no time at all – Flow Posing: In this episode of It Made Click! I am answering a question that I got from our audience at the photokina workshop… twice. As a photographer, do you ever find yourself struggling to explain yourself to a model? Do you ever find yourself struggling for the words to describe a pose? Do you sometimes struggle to recall a particular pose that might suit the moment?

In this article I would like to share with you a trick that I use to remember my poses, call it a brain-hack. This hack allows me to quickly and easily memorise even large sequences of poses and recall them at any point in the future.

Why is this important? In my line of photography: Nude, Lingerie, Boudoir, it is of the utmost importance that I have the confidence and trust of the model right from the beginning of the shoot. This trust shines through in the finished photographs.

To be able to get good photographs right from the start, I use a wide variety of poses; poses that I have tried and tested and that I trust. They suit a huge range of expressions, and there is something for all body types. These poses have the added benefit of giving inspiration to clients who may not feel so confident on the day. They help to get the creative process started and get the models imagining how good they are going to look in the finished photograph. This is a huge confidence booster and a great kick start to the creative process.

To achieve this, I need to have a wide variety of poses up my sleeve. I also need to have my poses arranged in a sequence that makes sense to me and the model. The sequence must be easy to follow through, with only small differences between each one. This way, I can re-pose the model quickly, aiming to get through around 30 poses in 30 minutes.

Now, the main issue for any photographer in this situation will be the question of how to recall thirty poses in quick succession. In my experience, many photographers struggle to recall poses in the heat of the moment. I have to admit that I have suffered from this myself, and like many people, I find it difficult to recall long sequences of anything. To help, I have developed a few memory tricks to help me along, these also work with poses.

The first thing that I do is I give the pose a name. It can be hard to recall an image, but an image and a name, that’s much easier. And not just any name; in every pose I see I try to visualise a letter of the alphabet within it. Then I choose a name which starts with that letter. For example, if the pose reminds me of the letter “Y” I name the pose “Yeti.” Is the pose reminds me of a “P,” I call it “Pool,” an “A” would be “Anchor” and so on. Later, if I can think of the letter, I can think of the name, then it’s much easier to recall the pose.

Now I have a list of thirty names. That might seem like a long list to try and remember, but what I do to help the process along is make up a story that includes all of the words. The stranger and funnier the story; the better. Once I started doing this, I began to remember all of my poses with no difficulty.

For example: On a sunny day, a Yeti jumped into a pool. At the bottom he found an Anchor. Once I have come up with my story, I will have no trouble remembering it at any point in the future, a week, a year, no problem. Because the story is hilarious, it stays in my mind, and there is no learning involved, your own story will sink in very quickly.

Try this out. Take the series of poses that you like best. What letters can you see within them? Now come up with your own strange story. I promise you will find this is a lot easier than you think.

If you would like a shortcut, I have created a very useful guide detailing the thirty poses that I like best and find myself using most often while shooting. It’s called “Boudoir Flow Posing – A System for 30 Hot Poses in 30 Minutes”

It is available as a PDF download and can be purchased here


Celso Principal says:

yes, very good.

Katya Shaposhnikova says:

Thank you for the video!
By the way, I also make a video of photo posing.
Look on my channel.

Lariscape says:

Ouo, nice trick. Creativity works at it’s best! Thanks for sharing! I’ll try to adapt this method to my videos : )

AuxiliaryExit says:

Bought the e-book, but wondering if it is possible to get photos of all the poses seperately. So I can use my tablet to show my models the picture of the pose I want her to take?

Si Viaggiare says:

where I can buy this ebook? your site does’t exist

The Emo Emu says:

This would make a nice app. Photographers could have with them in their pocket without having to open a PDF.

Epi King says:

i have been watching your videos for quite some time now ….i love your style  in photography and i have learned a lot from your videos…..more power Michael… you got yourself a follower…Subscribed!

TheMcA80 says:

Does the ebook have your lighting for each shot too?


made me laughing. again.

Josh Jones says:

I think music would help for sure gets people in the mood and fun less awkward and stiff

Alex Peter says:

Sehr professionell, Hut ab!

Dave Henderson says:

Thank you!

Pete Gomez says:

I also just downloaded.  Well done with good poses and variations.  Worth the money.

Nazareth Gálvez says:

Gran manera de memorizar poses, en verdad un gran maestro! Gracias desde México.

It’s amazing the way you teach and give us information, thanks!

StrawBerriTaco says:


mwsi7128 says:

Nice 🙂

buttcaner says:

Bought the PDF 2 minutes after I saw the video, looks great and will be using it on my next shoot. Thanks

Frank says:

Thanks! Download highly recommended. Very useful and practical information there.

Kris Drake says:

Awesome advice!! Thank you! 😀

Michelle Doherty says:

Just got the ebook. Best $20 I spent in a while – just sooo helpful to have this.

Robert Kitchen says:

excellent again Michael, great use of mnemonics

Stephen Soukup says:

Great idea Michael. You always have a great way to teach/learn. Keep it up

Doug Walkey says:

Hey, a tutorial with a practical usable suggestion! Well done and thanks.

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