Glamour Vs. Boudoir: What Should You Shoot?

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Nino’s Article:

Welcome back, everyone! I’ve been getting a ton of questions and I’m loving the interaction with all of you. The two most common questions I’m receiving are: How do I find Models? And… Who is getting paid, me or the model?

I think there is a misconception about what boudoir is. A lot of people think boudoir is simply bedroom pictures in lingerie or anyone. If that bedroom picture is of a model, then it is actually glamour photography. Boudoir is an empowering form of photography for everyday women, not models. A chance for them to get a new perception or perspective of themselves. Enjoy this video and see why it can be such an amazing and incredible form of photography.

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Mphonik2013 says:

Ever do a shoot of a wife as a gift for her husband in their bedroom only to have the husband come home early and have to throw all your equipment out the window as you dive out head first?

Nohemi Garcia says:

I learn so much from your videos.

Jori 777 says:

Could you do a video on how to guide a models facial expression?

Chris Peden says:

Michael! Finally a good explanation of the two. As someone who actually does both it’s often hard to get people to understand the difference.

Doug Martin Visuals, LLC says:

Always informative… great video!

theroyalmob says:

Very informative! Thank you for sharing. What lighting set up did you use for this video?

MoJO says:

Nice channel man!!

Zarli Win says:

Interesting. I never really thought about the differences, but that makes a lot of sense. The thing about the nervousness is so true. I did a shoot recently that the model was so nervous few a few days before the shoot that she broke out really badly.

Anthony Burton says:

Look forward to all you’re putting out. Thanks for all the help

VisuaLux Multimedia says:

Incredible content! This video is so appreciated! I shoot fashion & lifestyle and grew an interest in boudoir for my personal projects of fine art. Concise & clear is how I like my information. Well done!

Rick Sargent says:

How do men start out in either of these niches without looking like a someone that has bad motives?  You look like you have done a great job and wanted to pick your brain on this. I too like to make people feel good about themselves. How do you approach this without getting the stigma?

jhonyshow says:

Thanks man! you are my north! @juanjosebs

Jordan Davidson says:

You think its doable to shoot in a studio without natural light?

Jeremy Caton says:

Can you do a video on how to help new models or clients be comfortable in their first shoot. I feel like this would be helpful skill for all types of photography.

Harry InMotion says:

As always great video with lots of valuable insights to your business. Also your posing tips are golden 🙂

trent Siemers says:

So this is something I want to get into is it hard for a guy to do with trust and all with the women getting half to fully naked?

images by lyrics photography says:

Great video it look like you was about to tear up when you was talking about the lady who had a panic attack

John Doe says:

Like your videos Michael

Crispy Wisp says:

Idiot video.
– now this comment will get featured in the future vlog. ☺️

Brian Smith says:

Hi Michael. Another great video – thanks for sharing. I’m interested to know how you market your business locally. How you find your customers etc.. I’m guessing you get to a point where you hit critical mass and the word spreads but prior to reaching that point, it would be interesting to hear what marketing methods you found effective. Keep up the good work!

Michael Frymus says:

I did my first boudoir shoot, non-paid. And the photos turned out amazing. But I do not photograph people, so finding poses and all that was difficult. I typically photograph travel, lifestyle, landscapes, etc. Anything but people posing in front of the camera. haha
My photos, in the end, turned out amazing, but took a while to find the right way to pose them. So I need to work on that.
I did get a bunch of great advice from your videos, so thanks!

Michael Rogers says:

Just purchased the LR Presets with the discount code. Thank you for the code.

Evan Jarvis says:

Idiot video

Enchanting Boudior says:

100% boudoir photographer here

Rich Ackerbauer says:

I have been a Fashion and Glamour photographer for 14 years. I also shoot every day women that want to recreate themselves. Commercial is my bread and butter but I do my share of women from 18-60 that want to see themselves at their best, in beautiful composition and to immortalize their lives in print. I do not shoot boudoir, although have been asked to many, many times. Fact is, it’s far more challenging than fashion. Fashion is about the look, the attire, and the environment. Boudoir is more of the subject and exhibition of the true soul. I applaud you Michael. Its far more than documenting an exterior ensemble…It’s more of capturing the humanity of a beautiful soul. I am researching and your channel might just give me the itch to take a crack at this. Thanks for what you do. Genuinely.

chris peart says:

Is there literally a better YouTube channel that shows what Michael shows??

Wasn’t actually asking, it was rhetorical.
Good job

Shin Illuits says:

Thanks Michael for another video. Although I don’t do Boudoir, I totally agree with your approach.

Donavon Shaw says:

Photo-therapy is such a perfect description! I am actually looking into possibly using photo shoots for conducting actual counseling sessions.

Richard Phillips says:

It would be nice if you could share some tips on make-up for boudoir.

Sam says:

Been looking forward to a new video! Thanks Michael!

EloliPoP says:

Would really love some more tutorial videos maybe going even more into posing. Maybe someone that really doesn’t know how to model at all. Me personally would love som more tips on that 😀

Martin Doran Photography says:

Idiot …. not just the video , ha only messing , right yes 100% agree on making your every day woman feel great about herself , my holdup is trying to find clients , In Ireland women are a little more conservative , but what i have been trying to do is get curvy models in to shoot them as they are closer to a “real” woman , and im not downplaying or disrespecting a model i shoot them too …. with a camera , its just models are but a small fraction of the female population and not every woman looks like that , they have curves , cellulite and being bombarded with the models left right and center makes them feel less worth , i want to change that for them ,

simianinc says:

Ah , Sue Bryce’s definition of glamour photography is very different, and if you bought her course based on Wiktionary’s defintion you’d be very disappointed. I think her glamour customers have a similar motivation to your boudoir ones. But your defintion seems to align with the popular one…

Amy Leyenaar says:

loving your channel!! found you in the domore forum. spending my day watching your videos!! <3

Oluseun Ogunlegan says:

I LOVE your videos. I always learn something. One question that I do have is how difficult is it for male photographers to get into Boudoir? I’ve heard, mainly from female photographers, that it’s difficult given the material (and it’s sensitivity) and the female clientele base. In your professional opinion is this; True. Not True. Or a mixed bag.

Andrew Chisholm says:

I don’t do photography as a job as I have a sight disability and can’t earn due to the benefits I am on. I do however do model photoshoots as part of studio days and I have learned so much from all the professional models I work with, in fact most of them are awesome photographers

The OneX says:

nice video pleas just tell us about posing for boudoir

Steven Scholten says:

Hi Michael. I like your videos a lot. Very usefull, but what lacks in most videos on photographing woman is how do you go about photographing ordinairy, not so pretty, maybe overweight woman. And what about older ladies….That is a real challange. And I guess a lot of photographers would find is very usefull to get tips a bout that. Appreciate your wotk!. Greets form the Netherlands. Steven

Steve Maloney says:

I think I’d be just as nervous as the client doing a boudoir shoot. I know I’d feel the full weight for the outcome on my shoulders. I think you have to be amazingly skilled to take great pictures of average looking people. Shooting professional models on the other hand, its pretty straight forward as they know how to make themselves look good in front of the camera. As Michael says, very little direction is needed.

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