Glamour Portrait Photo Shoot: Model, Hair, Makeup, Styling, Lighting, Posing

Go behind the scenes as we shoot Emily in our studio. We’ll show you the lights & I gear we use, and talk about every aspect of our technique, including finding the model, hair & makeup, lighting, posing, clothing, accessories & Photoshop!

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My camera gear:
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* Canon 70D:
* Canon 5D Mark III:
* Canon 50mm f1.4:
* Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS:
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* Sigma 150mm macro:
* Rokinon fisheye:
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Evan Turner says:

Would you mind sharing some of the studio gear you guys use? Like the backdrop, stand, tethering equipment/program used, and other tips you have for setting up a studio for the first time.

Jim Setzer says:

Great vid, guys, as always. I was wondering if you had time anymore to actually shoot in your studio. Other than kick-ball (stop that BTW, we want more 90 minute TCLives) do you ever stop working? It’s exhausting just keeping up with your content! Cheers! You rock! What PC/monitor stand is that you’re using to tether?


liked the production guys; the head shot cut ins of you talking worked really well.

Mohamed Monem says:

great work guys
i am seeing a canon and Nikon cams which makes me wonder again about the skin color tones

Neopulse00 says:

When I look at the studio I keep thinking how different it’d be with a ceiling rail system. Found a video as an example, but I think you guys stand to benefit from such a system.

Hope you guys consider it in order to free up more space.

pascal soumoulou says:

hi thx for your terrific vd which continous lights model did you used for this shoot ?

aljazi e says:

I loved the video.. very beneficial

ganistio says:

THIS IS GREAT! Just what i needed. Not that i practice studio shooting or anything, but its good to know what/how it goes behind the scenes. The pictures look great btw! Thanks Tony and Chelsea.

Akash Kumar says:

hey i have question
i have canon 700D. when i click images from my cam ad zoom them up those picture are not sharp and don’t have fine details.
its because of my camera or what? how can i fix it help me 🙂

Mark Nathan says:

Nice !

Kyle Wolfe says:

Holy crap this was amazing. The production value on your videos normally seems pretty high but this one was just insane! I really liked the way it was shot, cut, and structured. Felt very professional but also entertaining. Great work team!

Yainet Diaz says:

Love the video, makes me want to get back to the modeling world. :DD

Andy Eeckhaut says:

Tony & Chelsea, which stand is your screen on please?

White Lake Photography, Wisconsin says:

I have all three of your books, I’ve watched all, (or almost all…), of your videos, more than once!, I just want to say Thank You so much for Giving us so much knowledge, Being such wonderful people and Sharing your talents with me…us.

Jpk Channel says:

Am sorry but the sunglasses worked so fine

Troy Hall says:

Chelsea why are the lights so bright, Tony was totally blown out!

scozio says:

Very nice, but where’s Justin? If you missed him too, here’s something to make it up for him!

JUSTIN (lead cool guy): I’m always around the house with my camera on, you never know what you may come across. I enjoy sneaking up people’s back while they take pictures of other people, and I can’t stop myself from busting balls to whoever brings sunglasses from the 80s thinking they are cool. I mean, dude, did you just arrive with Marty McFly?

Lisa Louise Keen says:

brilliant video of how to work with a model and how to use and assistant. thanks Chelsea and Tony.

cylurian says:

How do you access,

X-Ghost- 22 says:

who is that creepy woman at 2:57? LOL

Generic Username says:

make a video interviewing yourself.. narcissism 101

Coach El-tayeb says:

loved the video, but wanted to ask the mechanics of the how the photos are instantly moved to the pc, screen and how is everything hooked up …

Simon Bear says:

I used large collapsible backdrops like a large reflector that keep the taughtness so no sagging material

Dennis Ruzeski says:

At 9 minutes– The apparent focal length difference is the focus breathing issue with the Nikon 70-200. I use a Nikon 80-200 D lens which doesn’t seem to have that problem.

DracariaEntertainment says:

Looks like a good time

michael drixler says:

oh wow ,, well made ,

BrucePhung says:

Tony.. Can you please tell me where can I get the same portable table with mount that you mount the 24″ Dell monitor. I would appreciated you post a link here. I am very interested in buying it.

pscully1969 says:

I liked this shoot a lot; very informative and well done. 🙂 🙂

overTIMe says:

Lovely video! Aside from that, Tony what shirt are you wearing? “Crop it like it’s …”? 😀

K&E Photography says:

Great video, tethering is so the way forward. Love your tether set up! We currently just use a laptop as we have to hire different studios. One day!

Beautiful images 🙂

Steve Glass says:

Hey Tim Kelly has a good idea. He flanks his bg with auto poles, or something like that, it’s been years since I’ve seen the vid. But I use auto poles and then large Home Depot A clamps and stretch those suckers tight. Kelly does that with muslins and makes them shoot like canvas. I want Annie Leibovitz’s old beat up green canvas back drop that you see in so many of her shots. 90% of the time I’m using paper now so it doesn’t matter.

Mike says:

very cool… thanks

Sheradon Dublin says:

Noticed you were using Capture to shoot tethered, any reason not using Lightroom for this?

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