Glamour Photoshoot: Behind-the-Scenes & Photoshop

The story of how we made the cover for our new Photoshop book (available at Read Sarah Bowman’s blog post at

We took the photo with the Canon 5DS-R ( and Canon 70-200 f/2.8 ( This video was filmed with the Sony a7R II ( and DJI Osmo ( We record our sound with the Sennheiser EW-100 G3 (


Terry T. S. says:

Great stuff guys.

Op-la **** says:

that’s an awesome lesson

MrDjchoky says:


michael bartello says:

You seem like sweet people, but it’s clear your audience is the newbie. Maybe that reflects more on me than you — at the risk of sounding arrogant — but I just don’t think the cover is very impressive at all. Feels washed out, poor text, crop could be tighter, etc. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s how I see it.

Joe C. says:

Hi, what kind of pen and tablet do you use for your editing, and does it only work with photoshop or can it be used with lightroom?

MrDjchoky says:


That Canon Guy says:

Nice nice and nice work !!!!!

All2J Productions says:

Great video…
I love your tutorial style videos as my top 10 youtube consumption.
Keep it coming

Ian Brown says:

Very artistic and great tutorial, you make it look so easy. As they say practice makes perfect, thanks for another great video

Amir Sharafeh says:

Great work, you two. I am curious to know how many shots of the dress you took?

Giang Vu says:

Thank you for showing us your techniques for Photoshop; we learned alot. Keep them videos coming!

Mike Helmick says:

Great tutorial!

Michael Scott says:

o, so that’s how they do that.

isabella davis says:

amazing details…an incredible tutorial that shows just how much work goes into the creative process..

Gemelo Baqueiro says:


SilverHeart Studio says:

beauitful! but we also loved the gorgeous photo of Chelsea!

wonderwall135 says:

you guys should have tried the “dehaze” feature that is new to lightroom

Adrian AosFotos says:

Nicely done ,really nice !!

Physics Animations Edu CG4u says:

i loved that

Katherine JC says:

Woooow this is the most professional bts video I’ve ever seen!!

Peter Fraser says:

Great job but there is one problem with this edit that is very noticeable once you see it, and that’s the section of the dress to the bottom left is very obviously a scaled down exact copy of the section of the dress above and to the left of it. I think the creases and lighting of the fabric of the bottom left scaled down section should have been further edited to remove the obvious duplication.

Joy BR says:

super fan here 🙂

max factor says:

Hi Tony….do u ship this book world wide??
I have learnt alot from your videos. I want to have this book

Necu Corina says:

Hi guys! When should we expect the book to come out?:) thank you!

rohit khanvilkr says:


goollink says:

so.. the dress is more lighter than her hair? xD

Liam Robertson says:

It’s amazipg Hey there3 literate beef What’s happening, guys.

Janice K says:

This tutorial was helpful. Nice work.

Scott CJ McKelvie says:

Another fantastic video, love watching your videos, you guys have put in some fantastic work. I love this style of photography and is similar to surreal as it shows something being creative, without that someone would think it was just naturally show in the wind like that. The thing I wondered was when shooting, was that natural sunlight or was flash used to light the model? Overall great video 🙂

Ahmed Faris says:

I really love youse as photography teachers ..thanks for all the videos and books that you made for us 🙂 …

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