GLAMOUR Photography – OnSet ep. 14

Join us ONSET as we show you some techniques to give a “Hollywood Glamour” feel to your modern portraits. Using small light sources, Daniel Norton sculpts his subject and creates mood with heavy shadows and creamy highlights.

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Shiznaft says:

Thanks for sharing this.

Micro Doulo says:

how far or how many feet the person is from camera?

pauil sandy says:

I am sorry if i am wrong, But shadow of the nose in final image is good or bad?

phsyckomantis says:

cool video, always in awe with Daniel 🙂

asafrac says:

Nicely explained clear and informative.
thank you

jganun says:

For generations, there were only tungsten lights. Even when studio flash first appeared, it was generally out of the enthusiast’s price range. Nowadays, every discussion of portraiture begins with a statement that tungsten lighting is obsolete except for video, so it’s encouraging to see someone using “hot lighting” for a portrait.

Lauren Ashley says:

adorama is AWESOME..I recommend them and B&H always! 

Valarie Cisse says:

Thank you for showing the how-to. I was looking for the diagram to give me an idea on how to improve it. My instructor recommended Adorama.

Valdemar Caballero says:

Thank you!!!!!

Steven Sober says:

Your videos are so well done, Daniel. You are clear and concise and obviously very gifted with what you do. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!

mpir78 says:

Too bad the end result is not in B/W. 😉

Martin McGlone says:

nice clear and to the point

Steinar Knai says:

Really nice and clear tuto.

Multimedia Mel says:

Informative, will try this technique on my next shoot. Thanks.

hawg427 says:

Didn’t mean to pick it apart 🙁  When I shot as a Pro I was a member of the PPA & the Florida FPPA and had many prints entered in shows for merit, which I saw how they picked a print apart. LOL  I ended up with 6 Merits total and had a few prints go in the National Tour. We didn’t have computers in those days. LOL  Don’t take it personal, just my opinion. LOL Great video though 🙂

RedEyrisFilms says:


Reginald Graddy says:

Nice. Good stuff. I must strive to attain this level of badassery.

Davi Rosa says:

For 30´s portrait look it´s ok to have shadows. The portraits in that decade were made this way. Daniel Norton explained before starting.
I feel kind of ashamed when I read comments about shadows and so on. Why people today just want “shadowless” portraits? Personally i find very nice to learn different styles o lightning setup and their result on the photo look/style.
So thanks a lot Daniel.
I should say also that I bought a lot of equipment in Adorama just because of the Adorama TV! 🙂
Hugs from Brazil!

Lego Grandad says:

A nice little video on my favourite style of Portraiture. Hollywood glamour 20′ to 40’s style. Add a cocktail, pearl necklaces or cigarette holder with smoking cigarettes as props and your onto a winner in my book….. Thank you.

Juliawan Wijaya says:

nice review about camera 🙂

hawg427 says:

Everything but the horrible hard shadow on her Right eye lashes or her hair, I can’t tell. Should have been corrected using the lights before post production.  Sorry but I’m an old timer and you had to do it right when shooting because retouching the pic or the negative was an added expense. I would have had my camera about 1-2 in. higher also. Beautiful model. 🙂

Peter Drage says:

Great video as usual, interesting Title.  GLAMOUR Photography means something very different in the UK.

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