female model posing guide and techniques – see me in action – studio session

female model posing guide and techniques – see me in action – studio session
n this video we are exploring few posing tips for women. there are thousands of books and guides out there showing hundreds of different poses, however if you understand the basic principles and have a methodology in place, you will never run out of poses and you will be able to get any women in front of your camera to act like a model.

Posing and modelling can be learned like anything else is life and with a little bit of practice, within on or 2 sessions, you should be able to have the confidence to get any model to pose to her best

The video shows few tips how to position the head, shoulders, hips, legs and hands as the parts of a nice composition. The combinations are endless and if you understand the basic principles you will have an unlimited source of inspiration. here are few tips:

The head

– always have the head with chin rotates to one side, avoid the front millitary position facing the camera directly. You can even ask the model to turn her back completely and look back over her shoulders

Shoulders and hips

– try to get the shoulders an uneven levels off the ground. One shoulder up an done down. Same story with the hips, the shoulder line and the hips line should converge. Having this position will force the model to get into a “S” shape which is the best way to go. try to look for the “S” and will will get somewhere


– try to get the model to either cross the legs, or turn one leg to one side and have the weight moved on the other. This way the “S” shape is created as well

Arms and hands

– try to have hands at different levels in an “S” shape like position, never too straight and have the palms flexed at 90 degrees form the arms facing down or up. Palms need to be relaxed at all times for a natural position and they should be a different levels


once you achieve a “S” shape pose composed of shoulders, hips and legs, try to combine hands position as per the video above. The poses are unlimited see below just a few samples. As a photographer you should train few times to understand these principles, apply them few times with women who never posed, challenge yourself and you will get better with practice


Frans_Rodrigues StudioFotosf3 says:

Gostei tanto que assisti muitas vezes, congratulações

Saiful Islam says:

Love you man! Your teaching style is so simple.

Cathy Hizo says:

Thanks for this very helpful video.

Vern Jensen says:

SOOOOO helpful to be given *principles* for posing instead of *positions* to memorize. Thank you!

Alex Domingues says:

Very good video. It helped me a lot

Waxy Parsnips says:

Working WITH your model and having the patients is crucial in order to have them relax (relaxing creates the pose to become more natural looking) and get that perfect shot! This practice has been clearly demonstrated in the video – Awesome stuff!

Katia En Miami says:


Marc G says:

hi, where do you find a woman?

GIFF India says:

Hello. Which light did you on the spot of back ground?

Michael D Harris says:

Wow this has been a very informative video, one that is very easy to understand. Hope after a few sessions I will be where I would like to be. Thanks a million for sharing!

gin beer says:

Is this video a joke??????

Waqas Tariq says:

The best of the tutorial ever seen

Marcus Vorwaller says:

Thanks for sharing this. I watched it and used it in a shoot last night and it was a huge help.

pio nuñez says:

thank you so much for all those pouses.

vijayendrahere says:

Marvellous… Thumbs up

Amerio Elston says:

Are you polish kurwa?

MrFalcon1341 says:

The best video I have seen in Portrait photography. You’re an excellent teacher. In less than ten minutes you covered so many points that many teachers can’t cover in two hours.

ValiRossi says:


Maria Mitkova says:

Hello, thank you very much for sharing the videos and the ideas you give either to beginners or professionals in wedding photography. I would like to ask more about the flash and the system you use to synchronize with the shooting of your camera. I like the photos with the flash on the objects and the shadows in the current video. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you.

Marios Vasiliou says:


Progress Concept says:


Ahmed x-ray says:

You’re a great teacher. thank you

Sergey Kasimov says:

17:28 model passes out lol

Charlie Schmidt says:

some of this makes me cringe…you really need to stop saying always…you are presenting this as fact, and it is NOT!!!! you say that things have to be done a certain way, and you seem to be speaking from a position of supreme authority…you can pose the way you want, the pose can suggest a mood or feeling and you are not taking into consideration the world of possibility that are available to the wide variety of photographers……. when you get to the “see you inaction” part of the video, you should really consider a voiceover…give us some ideas as to the thought process and motivation…some incites as to the communication patterns or ideas you have working with models



Marina Moylan says:

I’m a model still practicing and this is great advice for any beginner!

Ryan JAO says:


Gilbert D says:

Very helpful video you made; thank you for letting us see you work!


Thanks alot for the tips…The background is nice i love it what is the name and where can i get it?

Kelley Broussard Mackaig says:

WOW! Outstanding tips! Thanks so much, I am officially subscribed!

Nikki R says:

I hate it when photographers say stuff like “now we’re getting better” or “now we’re getting somewhere”, It makes me feel discouraged and my face starts to feel forced and unnatural.

Louis Young says:

Thanks for sharing your video. This is very informative. Even though I did several photoshoots in the past, I often forget some important aspects of a good pose (“S”, hands, etc.). It is a good review with additional tips. Thanks again.

Leo Topper says:

Very cool video and great tips

Edwin Molina says:

Wow what a video!!! Amazing, you gave me exactly what i was looking for, thank you very very much.

Shelton D'Cruz says:

you take amazing photos!

63adam says:

Out ´n about in this not so cold february dayOut ´n about in this not so cold february dayOut ´n about in this not so cold february day

Maria Ventura says:

i want to be a model

Phindile Mgobozi says:

super helpful thank you sir.

frans agung says:

simply posing guide, really helpfull…sometimes i imaginated the pose first before i posing the model….give the example pose…and asking if the comfortable with my pose example… i canceled the pose if the model looks not comfort

Edwin Henry Blachford says:

head shots look best with this model since she has very attractive eyes. Personally I draw models, so they have to sit still a long time which is a lot harder for them. Usually though, either way if you’re professional everyone enjoys

Mark David says:

This was incredibly helpful. Your Wedding Video helped me a lot too. I think it’s time to subscribe.

PJ G.T.B says:

love this video what lens did you shoot on

Shrutika Shinde says:

Thankyou it was helpful


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Farzaneh says:

She’s so beautiful!

LongTimeTTFan says:

Great advice! Very practical. Excellent session to demonstrate the principles you outlined in the 1st part. You turned a woman with no experience modeling into a model in a matter of minutes. Just fantastic! Thanks a lot.

Christopher Bessis says:

thank u very much for your help….nice video…

Perry Kinney says:

Thank you very much. I will be using your directions.

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