Fast photo posing | 119 poses for 40 second – The best fashion photographer

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I hope that this video is helpful for some of you – so many have asked me to make it! Posing for a photograph is a dreadful experience for some people, so there may be a few useful tips here to make it that bit easier. I have been a model for ten years now and so I don’t even really think about the camera being there, but I absolutely understand how tense and nervous it can make you – especially if it’s at an important event! I’ll do a separate video with body poses – that one’s a bit more difficult to film!

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Karimchii says:

this video changed my life

Winnie Chen says:

Do that fast enough and you can be a dancer

Shawn Breiland says:

this is absolutely impressing. she is beautiful and talented. I wish she wore another outfit tho

Emilija Degenyte says:


Sunday pro says:

Weird spastic movement. Seek a doctor immediately!

hapaprincess says:

Awesome video !

joeblowthehot says:

not a job I would enjoy

Vincent Rock says:

Could you possibly do one with a male model please:)

Rajashree Ghosh says:

looking like u r just dancing awsm

Jacknzh says:

Can you please tell me the song? I can’t find it in the audio library. Thanks!

LAURA. says:

Heyyy macarana

shravya gowda says:

Could u upload this kind of a video for men…?

Pablo Mariangel says:

Excelente, me pareces fantantica..

Rajashree Ghosh says:

looking like u r just dancing awsm

Kornél Pásztor says:

love this video ! seriously ! it’s amazing !

Pasquale Franzese says:

is it a joke?

Евгений Малежик says:

хы, я танцую лучше ^_^

Nebulousss says:

My creativity is zero… I could never do that, i’d be frozen thinking how can I pose next…

wei xia says:


Taunt Ex says:

speed it up

Bishowmber Basnet says:


presentsTOM says:

stuning “! 🙂

Kiki Finata Anjing says:

just do a windmill , 1000 pose/min

maryjo narsico says:

i feel like she’s dancing

Kimberly Metz says:


Nickolas Hammock says:

who decided to record me posing in my room?

e4kodam says:

Why she is so slow?

Katya Shaposhnikova says: – The best fashion photographer

iwannamynickagain says:

Michael Jackson ?

Macandcheeseruler says:

Someone please make this a meme

Javier Orellana says:

damnn that’s a great work

samy love says:


Midair says:

Nice dance!

Alaa Saleh says:

shes dancing

killerboypoor says:

watch it at speed 1.25x and see her break dance!

Pablo Garcia says:


JiYung says:

just dance at this point

Aditi Das says:

Wow now dats a real tutorial.

Nicole Satilio says:

Significado perfeito de arrasar!

Fronni says:

dance like a robot and ur good i guess haha, awesome video

Tan Xuan jing says:


Swati Joshi says:

i love this .. you are amazing katya …

Dream Media Budapest says:

And what about face(s)? Almost 119 poses with one face. Hm…

#Linse50 says:

WOW ! Perfekt Work !

Artist says:

It´s the robodance!

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