EXPOSED: Model Poses That Deceive You On Instagram


I’m beyond excited to share this video I made with Fashion For All and ELLE Magazine I’ve been wanting to share these model secrets with you for the longest time.

So next time you see a picture online, in a magazine or the media you’ll know that it’s nearly always posed. Perfect does not exist and whats beautiful is that we are all unique and imperfectly perfect!

Huge thanks again to the ELLE, Fashion For All and Youtube team for helping me create this video and so many more awesome vids…
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ILY all so much thank you for watching
iskra xxx


KCJtheottb says:

You’re so beautiful and confident.

Ottawa3453 says:


Royer Garófalo says:

hi Iskra, It’s nice to meet you. I’m a electronic technician. If for a reason you read this, I want to meet you. I’m a “girl” but i like the others girls, you understand me jaja. I like very much the science, the music, movies, video games, electronic technology, etc. You are an amazing girl, and the most beautiful girl in the world

allydea says:

What defines your beauty? To whom? And if only your opinion of yourself matter, why do we have these videos? This is the case: I am ashamed because I think that the people around me think I am ugly and I care about their opinion. Your opinion is that I am not ugly. Now I also thing I am not ugly. How this changed the opinion of the people around me about let’s say flat stomach? I don’t care about them because somebody on Internet told me that in their opinion I am not ugly? Now my discourse in my head is: “I know I am beautiful and this is what it matters and I don’t care what you think”. Which it’s a lie.
A truly confident person would say, I don’t care if I am beautiful or ugly. I am taking care of my health I am a valuable person for this society. This things are in my control and make me feel good about myself.
Also, are you trying to say that all the people in photos are faking thigh gaps and flat stomachs and in fact these things are not real? How is this helpful in any way? The ones that are faking it are doing so because a majority of people consider those things beautiful. This just reinforces the idea that flat stomach etc etc are important.

The Renegade says:

The fattest girl i ever seen

zas shawn says:

Tu es magnifique Iskra ,ne change rien from France

Sabina Scarlett says:

damn!-shes hot!!!

Ruolan Feng says:

I love you so much!! I felt so self-conscious looking at ins photos of others.

jaspal singh kahlon says:

Hi. Liked ir.. I like the reason you made the video. Very very good thought. I will ask my wife to watch it too.. Best of luck for life, god bless. Byee n u r beautiful and charming inside and outside may be because of the fact the that your thinking is very good.

Rowen hart says:

Can someone tell me where her earrings are from? They’re stunning!

Михаил Есипов says:

Very, very butiful girl! From Russian with love!

Juliette Doheny says:

You are beautiful !!

Aysh says:

i love this girl already

Alma Rothoff says:


jack daniels says:

she’s so damn cute

BristledBrushes says:

super cute!

allie ann says:

If you love your body then why would you do these poses on Instagram to try and conceal your natural body??

ilovex says:

i dont know why boys are watching this

Celina Buechelé says:

I know you probably won’t answer so I’m not keeping my hopes high, I saw you today at the Aries store doing an interview I was just shopping with my mom and there you are with your friend in front of me, and I was like “holy Jesus!” In my mind, I honestly I was like thinking “wow she really is a unicorn in a field of horses” and I had this really introverted smile on my face that I couldn’t control and your friend smiled at me but you didn’t which was really sad but I didn’t really care. Well I wrote this message for a reason I just wanted to say your really cool and special. And I was the brown haired girl with brown eyes I was standing in front of you. It’s ok if you don’t remember me I wouldn’t either. I was in the bra section in the back. Ok I’ll go now, adios! Also, you looked really skinny in the shop!

ghh hhh says:

It is very rare to have body in this size and not be fat, but when it happens it’s the best thing ever. So girls who are chubby because of fat should really be aware that it is probably that they do something wrong. One of the thousand is looking like Iskra with that BMI index. Yes she’s absolutely beautiful and sexy.

MegaAziz says:

we love you Iskra !

Серый Волк says:

You are wonderful!

Doc Milersky says:

I´m not the kind of guy who watches this kind of stuff, but I´m kind of glad to see some sensible content on this part of Youtube!

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