Death by Glamour (UNDERTALE ANIMATIC ) – Mettaton vs. Frisk Fight

ALSO CURSE THOSE TYPOS!!!! No matter how many times you go over your video, they always manage to sneak their way in lololol
they are the bane of my existence lol

attention my dear legion.

I’m sorry but nobody has permission to repost this on their channel on youtube, even if there’s a dub or music remix over it.

For those of you actually reading my Youtube description, thank you XD.
This is my own interpretation of the fight, so I did bend some things a little bit, such as the TV in grillbys, but yeah I hope you guys enjoy XD this is kinda how I imagine the fight to go.
So I have never really animated before. The BIGGEST EXTENT I have ever done as far as animation goes is this tiny thing right here,… which was about 6 years ago. I’ve never been taught how to animate, and I don’t even have an animation program, and if I did I wouldn’t even know how to use it. Haha This really was my first ever REAL attempt at any sort of animation. I know it’s rough, and the second half isn’t an animation, but I meant for it to be that way. I’m NOT READY for anything super clean and pretty and polished, and so hahah this is what I came up with, and this is the farthest it is going to get. And I’m completely satisfied and super happy and proud of it! This is like my baby!

I have been working on this since the beginning of November. Progress with it was going pretty quickly, but then the holidays hit and it was like a brick wall shoved it’s way in the road of my progress :C and then after the holidays died down hahah I just got a new job at Godiva, so it was slow ever since then haha. BUT IT’S FINISHED NOW YAY!!!! If I didn’t have the holidays or work it probably would have taken about 2 months rather than 3-4 lol BUT IT’S COOL YO! XD

To make this I used Photoshop Elements 11 , the same program I use for my paintings, but it doesn’t have an animation feature on there like Photoshop does, so I had to individually save each frame and incorporate them in Camtasia (which is my video editing program, not for animation) and put them in frame by frame lol. So even though I don’t have—let alone know how to use flash, or anything, I MADE THINGS WORK! Frame by frame!
There are 741 frames in this entire thing, And there are much more frames of Frisk then there is of Mettaton. Which was nice because Frisk was a lot easier and faster to draw hahaha I kinda add a lot more detail with Mettaton than what is originally given in the game, but it was worth the extra effort XD
I chose to do this one for an animation thing because lol first of all, everyone was doing Sans, and even though I imagine a really cool Sans fight, I wanted to do something a little different. Also hahah this way, I could find a way to put my top four favorite Undertale characters in here, which is Sans, Papyrus, Frisk and Mettaton XD hahah score! But what really brought me to it was the fact that it wasn’t just a fight, but a show too, and the whole ratings matter thing, and how I think Mettaton would see that Frisk posing/dancing was boosting his ratings, and he’d join in on that to boost his own ratings for a bit before going back to kill Frisk. Lol so it had a bit more of a story to it lol. ALSO THIS SONG IS MY JAM AND JELLY MAN! I LOVE IT!!! Good thing to because if I didn’t I’d probably get so sick of the song in the first week that I wouldn’t be able to finish haha.

But anyways! Thanks so much guys! I hope you like me
Songs used : Death by Glamour, For the Fans, and Another Medium,: By © Toby Fox from Undertale
All drawn by me. animatic and storyboard is © by Alyssa Gerwig


Tung Phan says:

If sans at gillbys then why is he at the stadium?!?

April Behl says:


I'm Confused says:

luv dis

Underfan No Subterrâneo says:

good video

UnfaiHydra 310 says:

me encantaaaa!!!!

Kawaii Kitty says:


Sonicboom2532 says:

I mean at the show then snowdins grillibys

Sparktian says:

Michael Jackson vs Dora the Explorer :v

The DancingMew says:

Really good animation!

Apolo Agar says:

who else saw sans in the crow?

Chennel Funnys Sisters says:

Десять.. МИЛЛИОНОВ.. просмотров…

BringMy21ChemicvllyPvnicked! PhvnsFvllingØutTønight says:

I think I have a crush on MTT….

Dragon8872 AJ says:

I love it how Papyrus’ jaw literally falls off

Ofibio Villareyna says:

loved it darling!!!

Arthur Thomas says:


Cristopher Salazar says:

c0mo cuando hablas espanol

Shiny Palossand says:


Cαndαri-sαmα says:

How is Sans in the background at 1:00 ? does Mettaton see his viewers?

Jacob Martinez says:

You have the potential to be a Storyboard artist for Steven Universe

Robert Mehal says:

Much love

Ben Baez says:

I totally almost cried at the end… nice job!

Decoolest Teh greatest dog says:

This is probably the best Undertale animation I’ve ever seen. Period.

Diego Medellin says:

Sans? 1:01

Ahlan Jhosafath Cota Okon says:

que chido nomanches uau

harley quinn gamer avaloscampos says:

Walkingmelonsaaa beatiful mettaton and frisk

ToastyCraft Nation says:

1:18 The Sexy Dab

ErrorSans says:

anybody else see undy in the crowd?

Flapjacks says:

1:32 sans is in the crowd tho…

Robert Coffey says:

This made me cry. Great interpretation of the expressions.

hayato yamada says:

is there 2 sans

Jake Hoina says:

1:18 DAB

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