“Da Vinci Lighting” & Posing Techniques with One Light: Tony Corbell

Got only one light? No probelm, you can make stunning portraits. Join tony Corbell as he guides you with tips and techniques on how to maximize one light source for a simple, yet beautiful portrait effect with homage to Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Virag Sharan says:

Very nicely explained.

Dave LeBlanc says:

Hot damn, that dress 🙂

TheConfidenceStudio says:

Stunning tutorials thank you.

Winston Churchill says:

Da Vinci never said that.



Tex Bacalian says:

Thanks for this tutorial. Is this patented set-up like Amazon’s?

Victor Diaz says:

Who`s that beautiful girl?

pscully1969 says:

Interesting lighting concept; it makes for great photos.

Kim Brady says:

you are such an amazing man to learn from!  you don’t speak over our heads!!  more to us.. a true teacher!

Cameron Hood says:

Brilliant photography and excellent teaching skills. Thank you for some wonderful techniques for me to work on.

Juna says:

Holy fuck she is gorgeous! Sometime in my lifetime i wanna meet someone like her and take most stunning pictures for my own collection. ;>

Robert Gilbert says:

nerver heard about “Da Vinci Lighting” before, but Rembrant yes

Kiran Chapadia says:

samoll studio & light setp 2 plz ser

Remus says:

I think people pay money not for products but for personalities that made those products. Thanks Tony. Very inspiring video.

Ahmed Nasser says:


Cifcap says:

Simple and creative thinking…professional photography at its best.

01keepurheadup says:

Great tips. Thank you Sir.

Art of War says:

very impressive work and i truly appreciate the knowledge that you share sir!

Hat off to you

Ryan Odneal says:

Gorgeous model!!!

RS says:

There are models and there is this woman. 

Shawn White says:

What type of material did you use for the reflector? 

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