Cara Delevingne: 8 Looks, 1 Minute | Glamour

Cara Delevingne is our August cover star! Go behind the scenes on her Glamour cover shoot.

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Cara Delevingne: 8 Looks, 1 Minute | Glamour


Kendal Blackburn says:

so stunning

Tusita Dewi says:

omg she really does look like dane dehaan here hahaha

Xx_GalacticGaming_xX says:

She’s honestly perfect

Theresa Bernardo says:

She back and she beautiful!

Mermbo Nermberferv says:

hes cool

Tahreem Rauf says:

Looks like a man though at times

O Fira says:

If she frowns would she have a unibrow?

supersmilesification says:

OMG is the makeup artist Lisa Eldrigde?? LOVE HER!

Большой Хер says:

mmm yummy

TOOLruls says:

not leading role material (39 mil revenue vs 177 mil invesment)

Elodie Naumowicz says:

0:40 min It would be good if we could go out like this. I like don’t wear bras, but the society/people is not enough open-minded to accept this. She remind me Ketty Perry, they are so beautifull, they can wear everything.

JustDreamingLife says:

she won the good genes lottery!

Ariana Hernandez says:

0:23 she looks like Cole sprouse

Coronel Swerge says:

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ y love this ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Way to much make up

RubiMercuri says:

she makes me wanna get platinum hair even though i just recently dyed my hair jet black…

finalmattasy says:

the best

poppy2908 says:

she is always just so gorgeous

TabbyLily says:

I love how she never wears a bra

Willa Zaragoza says:

As opposed to a gimmicky video based on the premise of being 1 minute, I would much rather see a longer video showing more behind the scenes and the 8 looks more in depth. I would like see all the outfits and the details like hair and makeup for longer not just quick clips crammed together with only a few seconds to take in the look.

Moska Amiri says:

If Cara dressed up as a boy, no one would think she was a girl.

Summer Rain says:

Isn’t she the best …omg she is beautiful cool swag fun awesome all rolled into one

Daniel T says:

1’10” vue (you tube ce matin 6h7)’ de cara Delivingne, je trouve cette fille très dure masculine, je ne savais pas que ce fus Glamour, j’ai été abonné un an a glamour je me rappelle qu’une fois a un magasine mensuel glamour reçu une fois l’emballage ouvert une minuscule araignée (je n’aime pas ces bêtes) m’avais sauté au visage m’avais mordu, je l’avais attrapé sa carapace très dure je l’avais posée au balcon elle voulais jouer avec moi, je l’ai envoyée au rez de chaussée dans les plantes.6h14′

Япония Япония says:

почему когда кара одета в майке без лифчика её фоткает какой-то дед-педофил

Keisha Leisha says:

Woah omg. I thought she had an american accent. Turns out i was wrong

محمد العجمي says:

why they showed my wife’s nipples

Hillary Lin says:

I’m straight but if Cara asked me to go on a date with her, I would happily accept that. Lol just wondering sth crazy

ad as says:

I mean, JEEZZE she’s awesome


she is more handsome than any boys in school or college or my hometown.

Tom Konsam says:

I think She is trying to be Justin

MeeL says:

Dioosaa de la viidaa, la amoo!!

Keith43857 says:

she is pretty as a butterfly but now omg

l. McAulley says:

EYyyyy Lisa Eldridge I see you

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