Boudoir Photography: Flow Posing

Jen shares her best posing tips for boudoir photography!

In this clip from Boudoir Bootcamp, Jen Rozenbaum has a model demonstrate “The Rotisserie Chicken” method of posing which allows her to seamlessly shoot a wide variety of looks while making sure the subject is comfortable and the she gets the shots she needs.

For more boudoir posing tips check out the complete Bootcamp:

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Angela Buyck says:

I love how she tells us how to protect ourselves  I not known this!

Mike Soekawa says:

Great posing tips and the lighting looks fantastic.

kuunami says:

I really learned a lot from this clip. Posing is an area that I struggle with. And Wow. Jen is gorgeous.

Jon Myers says:

you may be an expert in posing models but your technique is lacking. Not using the light meter before shooting? What? Were you using Program mode? It may have just been nerves but thats pretty important especially when using film at .60 a shot.

Dave Cooley says:

not great..too much nervous natter..and shots are very average.

Jj Benz says:

that woman feels naked..she keeps covering the vagina area as she was naked.. nt the best model ..

swoop7777777 says:

Has anybody figured out what kind of light stand she’s using?!?!?!


maybe you have problem with touching .. but with me always touch and direct them … so not really nice to say to ALL .. dont touch … relax 😉

Daniel Reno says:

She used 500 ISO because she was nervous Im assuming..There is zero ambient therefore zero need for 500 ISO

Eddie Hagler says:

She is quite an expert on posing techniques…. I am so weak in this area.

Derek Comer says:

Great video,, simple moves make a load of difference.

Bill Smith says:

“I’m afraid I’m gonna knock this over, can you help me with this”. can she do anything by her self? arrigant cunt

Christopher Dasconio says:

I don’t like that you mentioned for men to never touch women models. I have never had this issue, and quite frankly would think it would be weird if I didn’t have enough repoirt with my client that she felt uncomfortable if I adjusted her pose or clothing.

Alexandru Bandraburu says:

She talks so much but every word is a piece of good info. Congrats!

Kirsten @bluebitstudios says:

I’m not the only photographer who takes their shoes off as soon as I start hsooting!

Kara Gonzalez says:

Misleading. The title says flow posing, the beginning of the video says we’ll first learn the “rotisserie chicken”, and then the model laid on her stomach. End video. Nervous chatter in a studio that even the photographer wasn’t comfortable in. There’s no “variety of looks” or comfortability in this video, as the description states. Thumbs down all around :/

Nathan Schewe says:

To be honest as long as the model is comfortable around you regardless of male or female photographer it’s always best to ask the model and even after you ask her just say okay I’m going to adjust your arm etc or what ever you need to fix. That’s my opinion though. Going off my experience.

reconteamohio says:

Cut out way to soon, we did not get to see any results of the flow you mentioned. Thumbs down!

glennskitchen says:

I refuse to make any lewd comments re Spit Roasting…lol

Filip Stanescu says:

sucks shooting

gaetan allard says:

sorry but you pass impotant step read your light before shoot

Alexander Orlov says:

That is just awesome how you talk through all the details! Was going to upvote but could not break the 666 seal! Cheers!

Romas Quicker says:

Great video, but what the hell all those “twin”, “full”, “queen” and “king” sizes mean? :O How can anyone convert that to centimeters? 😀 Or at least – inches?..

burubura says:

thats totally wrong way of changing the lens. you should hold ur camera upside down while changing the lens. so that sensor doesn’t get dirt particles inside.

won hung low says:

i would go full manual light balance …but thats just me i guess

Cagatay Belgen says:

that course will definitely give a boner to the male audience.

Deadheart Photography says:

The combination of such a large softbox, with a lens capable of opening up to f/1.4 wouldn’t seem to require an ISO of 500.

Rick Saint John says:

What I enjoyed most was seeing the real-time images, as the photos were shot, it gives me more confidence in the photographer. Thank you.

Ray Mustaine says:

this is an awesome vid! conviction and so secure of what you are doing, awesome photographer and definitely awesome teacher. thanks for shearing.

Abigail Sockeye says:

eat pussy

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