Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour

Ashley Graham directs a lingerie shoot with women of all sizes and backgrounds. Ashley helps coach and inspire them to find their light, work their angles, and celebrate the skin they are in.

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Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour


Edith Del Carmen says:

O.M.G I love Ashley even more! She is so real. My eyes started to well up at the end with her. We can make the change. Let’s do this ladies!!!

jojo p says:

She is such a pig.

Shonna Jane says:

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful…. I want to thank all the women who came on this video today… they all are so beautiful. <3

Fre Di says:

she is the mixer of kelly brook and eva mendes

Omar Muhammad says:

these Women are dying!! reduce some fat and in time you’re gonna have a brand new life and body. the one you’re comfortable in.

edit: Here comes the body positivity police.

Gleeker says:

The thin light skinned girl with the black hair’s personality is so adorable like a puppy

anqi wu says:

Her crying is so faked …

Jack T. says:

Most of these women are obese. Higher body fat percentage directly correlates to health problems down the road. Unhealthy bodies should not be glorified. Instead of coddling fatties we should be getting them in the gym and slapping the McDonald’s out of their chubby little hands

neshto drugo says:

the crying is fake

Lance says:

They’re all so beautiful honestly.

Johnny Cage says:

I wud impregnate ashley soooo fast

Bárbara Sá Vieira says:


4330moss says:

Mmmmm Chinese buffet all you can eat tonight for dinner. I use to feel guilty

#SOu_nA Med says:

شا الترمة يا دين الزح

Trisha Collins says:

I definetly need her in my life

KimaOnline says:

Wow. I cried. She is amazing, great inspiration. People try and make it seem like all this body stuff is trivial and vain but it’s not. It runs sooo deep and affects women so profoundly.

elhuero69 says:

The one in all white doesn’t belong there

Irene Beauty says:

Such a beautiful video ! And beautiful message . I love Ashley graham so much ❤️❤️

Durgys Ramirez says:

Body image is so important for women. And is so hard to feel beautiful when your shape is Not ideal.
We need Confidence.

sara Andrade says:

this isso beautiful!

Nyuu says:

So, you are the person behind that girl… that girl always does the same, LEONNNNN HEEELLLLLLLLPPP

Idc says:

Y’all I’m about to cry

titan3366 says:

Beautiful face but she needs to learn how to take care of her body.

Idc says:


Awesome Girl says:

They were all so pretty!!

Idc says:

The girl in the white has the perfect body wtf

Alaina Kosovich says:

She made my day love this so much ❤❤

Luna says:


Dimi Choueiry says:


AndRock Garcia says:

ke hermosa gordibuena

Michelle Warrington says:

You are the sweetest person Ashley! ❤️

Dori Ljubojević says:

Woah is Ashley really plus sized? She is full of confidence i love that about her

Butterball Beee says:

I was getting dressed to go out and I got changed 100 times because I look too fat in everything. I then decided wtf am I doing, I searched for a video to pumped me up and give me confidence and this did more than anything. I’m gorgeous and need to be accepting that I’m a size 8 not a size 2

Christiane Amare says:

I love how this wasn’t just for curvy women, that means that she really thinks all women are beautiful instead of shutting it to just the curvier lady – because most people do that and call those thinner women, less of a woman so that makes me sad.

tomika bella says:

i love ashely graham and i wish to meet with her which i known i well be

lamos obamias says:


Brianna Shah says:

I feel like Ashley and Iskra would be best friends

AK Ice Cream says:

Merci Manaïs World

sarah li says:

Love her personality

naomi says:

I’m crying. I love Ashley Graham and this video THANK YOU

Ishmeen D says:

I watched this video three times and cried all three times… thank you so much Ashley ❤️

Alejandra García says:

love her

Ashwani Solanki says:

Ashley graham

Megan McCarthy says:

I think I just fell in love with this woman

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