ADVANCED POSING – Ideas for Models and Photographers


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WE ARE 138 says:

Wow, she looks incredible! Nice photos as well but with a model like that , she can make any photos look good! Nice job guys… I subscribed just to see that face again lol

InevitableCommotion says:

Nice shots, try boosting you ISO so you could crank up the shutter speed to maintain at the least 1/125th. She was posing in so many great ways, but the shots shown to us in the video post-processed look like they captured the more timid moments. Great video!

KiwiFarms ResidentA says:

You could have shaved your armpits first 2:10 BLEGH

Game Changer says:

Beautiful face, TBH if you decided to lose a couple of stone you would be stunningly sexy and beautiful! Give it a try honey!

minddropadam says:

This is the weirdest photography video I’ve ever watched more than once. Very intriguing.

simon callahan says:

hairy arm pits are kinky and either way it doesn’t matter. Stop the hatred already. Free the arm pits.

Bart D'Amico says:

Who is she??? Is she on Model Mayhem? She is amazing!!!

Xamitl Olguin says:

I Would of love it if she posed on the stairs. But great video!

caribbeanchild says:


Frmr Christian says:

Please invest in a razor!
Otherwise, beautiful!

ro7477 says:

Favorite channel on our ship … 4:06 and 6:06 did it for us guys

The Hooded Mans Bushcraft says:

How  did I stumble upon this treat  you sexy bastard. Truly sexy

Talat ALGAN says:

Where are the rest of the photos. There are no photos of every pose or almost 80 percent of poses.

Alex Bent says:


Ton den eerlijke says:

Berry funny…great

Yu2beFool says:

The video not only shows inspiration, but also what goes ‘wrong’; the ‘difficulties’ behind some poses and the effort of a good model to help compose them.
Yes, I said: “a good model”. Thanks Mark, many thanks Helen!

Sudhir Khanna says:

so nice never seen before

wadeypadey says:

who the fuck is mark

jeff snow says:

Very satisfying girl. Looks good at many different angles.

Allen R says:

enjoy ur vid thank for the ideals. pls keep then coming enjoy all u do!!! ur friend Allen

daniyal aslany says:

♥ thank you


Where are the rest of pictures?

jesus rivera says:

en donde puedo encontrar fotos d estas mujeres tan bonitas? son muy hermosas y gracias x mandarme estos vídeos, un beso para ellas

simon callahan says:

I actually didn’t notice any haiery arm pits while watching and was only made aware of it in the comments. But then again I’m from Europe originally

Andres Morales says:

Really interesting ideas, please coul you tell me the soundtrack from the video is terrific!

Naris Schnegg says:

I like this video, looks funny how she poses, but those pictures are incredible. Really inspiring.

Dj Toman says:

The shot at @2:49 is just fabulous thanks to the asymmetrical dynamic pose.

Weronika Mamot says:

Why a model has not shaved pits???? wait, it’s not a model then.

victaurus2012 says:

Love your tutorial & you are very beautiful!!! But maybe next time you could shave your arm pits… I can see the hair.. And by the way, What country do you reside?/

tony40400 says:

Every little ideas helps, and having a great flexible model also works very well.  Excellent job, more please

Alberto Lama says:

I really appreciate your effort but your posing skills are very Bizarre and weird and looks more like a Gymnastic class. I don’t think they are advanced at all They are not feminine and need more elegance. Any ways keep trying.

Jerry Shepherd says:

Beautiful work

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