8 Beginner Boudoir Photography MISTAKES and How to Fix Them

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I had so much fun with this boudoir video for you guys! These are the most common boudoir photography mistakes I see over and over when photographers are just starting out in their boudoir business. Of course, some of these are extreme examples, but that is what makes it so fun! I’ve got other posing and lighting videos on this youtube channel if you’re interested, and I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know what other mistakes you see or what else you would like to learn!

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Shane Doyle says:

Well there go all my ideas

Fabz Black says:

I really enjoyed the video! Actually in my field Trash Photography all of these “mistakes” would be a perfect picture! 😀 I always advice my models to do strange stuff, use strange angles and use silly props. 😀 And for my photography it works. So it’s just again a matter of taste and what you wanna achieve! But you have a couple good points there! See yourself if you like it! http://www.instagram.com/fabzblack

Abigail Sockeye says:

Quickly becoming my favorite channel

roberto matute says:

que bonitos sobacos

W N says:

These boudoir images need more cow-bell! 😉

Jan Choc says:

“Dont crop limbs” – 3:13 😀 😀

Michael Sasser says:

Don’t mind the limb I cut off at 3:13. Nothing to see there.

Joshua Wilson says:

How did you get your first model? I have a hard time landing models and I don’t know if it is something I am doing or they are just not interested.

TwO4FivE View says:

3:12 what happens to cropping at limbs or joints?

Tesla Pershon says:

For someone who doesn’t always have the best natural lighting in their studio, what type of lighting do you prefer when shooting boudoir? I have difficulty with the umbrella stands, and was wondering if switching to softboxes would be better.

Some Aussie Guy says:

At least you seem to have a sence off humour! I think having a bit off fun can help in the shoot by making everyone feelings a bit relaxed…

Jürgen Hammerschmid says:


taz24787 says:

I’d never enjoy looking at a bed where “fun was had” … my mind usually goes to “That girl must move a lot during sleep” xD

Andy Yoon says:

Hey Mike, you’re model is so beautiful it all looks beautiful to me whatever she does haha. I want to see the less appealing woman so I can see the dramatic difference between do and don’t. Thanks.

ZenPhotoCraft Media says:

i am wondering do you auto white on your camera and how do you white balance ?

powerlurker says:

but i think the angle @ 1:12 was great

Jorge Ramos says:

Very nice…

bar nel says:

I never done it
nobody wants to try me out

Jet Zee says:

2:23 so sexy

Corey Parsons says:

Very enjoyable and entertaining tip video

Cory Breton - Visual Artist says:

3:13 crops out limb.. 😛

Vince Lowe says:

Hahaha, bringing a bowling ball to a shoot?? Hilarious

YC Y says:

and dirty under feet :p

Steve Tassi says:

I actually liked the ping pong paddles.

Web Shooter says:

… just lol

Guil says:

Ok you got me! Subscribed

Mauricio Ocádiz says:

So that’s why all these kind of photos look the same. Stop it with the rules…

Michael Wulfbeer says:

What I liked about your vid was model looked like she had fun. Engaging her and kept her at ease.

Edgard Bou Daher says:

Wow, good to know. i’m pretty sure I did a few mistakes in my last few shoots haha Very fun video btw!

Stefan Vasilev says:

Hahaha… Cool, I don’t do any of these… Whew! Relieved :)))

Herbert Willkomm says:

I never thought that there is so called “Boudoir photography”, man this is so much fun than portrait photography.

Sebastian Kania Photography says:

thanks for the aswome video

Robert Cantu says:

Can couples also do Boudoir? And do the models has to be clothed?

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