2 Light Lingerie Glamour Lighting Setup – A Studio Lighting Tutorial with Glamour Lighting

This lingerie glamour lighting setup is simple.  Two lights and one medium sized softbox. I placed one 320ws strobe on camera left just behind the box and aiming into the corner of the room.  This strobe was dialed up almost to full power, and I used a light amber gel to give me just a little color to the light as it lit the wall and the box.

This is another one of my keep it simple stupid lighting tutorials.  It only requires two lights and a medium sized softbox – and yes – you can do it with speedlights or monolights.

This shot was made as part of a lingerie shoot for a new model who came to me to add some flavor to her portfolio.  She had already done a few shoots and the agencies were telling her that her photos were too sexy and too much like fashion shots.  This model is only 5’4” tall which means she won’t be shooting fashion AND modeling agencies are ok with some lingerie and bikini shots if they are more PG than R rated.

So the goal was to create a shot to show that this young lady is in great shape and is very comfortable with herself.  As is often the case, new models struggle with hand placement and I know that many of you as photographers have the same struggles when it comes to telling a model what to do with her hands.  I can’t teach you that in this video, but I will tell you that I am going to be doing some videos on that topic soon and some of my older videos do touch on that subject.

For now, let me just tell you that when in doubt – about what to do with hands – give the model something real to do – hold something – touch something, etc. – while it may not get you a perfect hand – it will get you closer to something that looks natural and is not a distraction in your photo.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a setting that would allow me to do something other than have the model put her hands on her hips or play with the outfit she was wearing, and I couldn’t go too dramatic with the pose because remember – the purpose of the shot was to show her figure and personality.

I decided to use my all-purpose box that I showed you in this video as a second wall and I placed it along another white wall in my studio, with the model sandwiched between the two.

set.a.light 3D by Elixxier Software GmbH  http://www.elixxier.com/

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FTC – set.a.light 3D software was supplied to me by Elixxier Software GmbH. No payment was received for making this video and all opinions are my own.


Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

Nice shoot

Carlos Sanchez says:

Good Video! Thanks! The video title is in spanish “Sistema de iluminación del encanto de la lencería – estudio que enciende seminario”

David Luis says:

Fantastic explanation with the useful schematics of set.a.light : D
Love the photos

CohEnterprises Multimedia says:

Love it Joe!

Avijit Roy Chowdhury says:

Awasome………… You are always great………….

William Parmley says:

Great point regarding hands. This is way beyond my level of experience, but I have a friend who has posted some things on Model Mayhem. Some of her images look a bit “off” to me, and my impression has been that this relates to her hands — they sometimes seem to be in the wrong place or that she is holding them wrong. Now this all makes more sense to me.

LIllyman JPL says:

Awesome idea Joe; being wanting to do a shoot like this with my wife. Not for modeling but just to show her how good she looks after two kids. Thanks again.

paul cove says:

very good video, love your easy to set up ideas

Gerard Gaudet says:

once again another great video Joe. Can;t wait to get my basement done so i can set my studio 🙂

ThePanacon says:

Thank you for this video. I have been able to find an idea for my next photo shoot.

RdyPlyOne says:

Any particular reason for the horizontal softbox over vertical?

Nlighteneddesigns says:


Crewchief 227 says:

Nice. I like the false wall pinching idea and would like to try this with a c-stand booming my 24″ beauty dish for the main. BTW if you would like a “consultant” on using cross polarization to reproduce artwork without reflections and tips email me. Art reproduction is a very called upon specialty and I see very little proper coverage on the subject.

Kep Ler says:

Very useful and professional advice, Joe! I always get a lot of good information from your studio shoots / how I did this shot, videos.

Skirmantas Rinkevicius says:

So many ideas you sharing with us even I do not know when I could try it all. I have only 2 free days a week and want to try so many as I could but is not enough time. 😀 Thank you Joe

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