1 Speedlight Dramatic Short-Light for Boudoir with Lindsay Adler and FlashBender 2

Lindsay Adler demonstrates how to create a dramatic short-light that creates flowing curves for a great boudoir portrait with one speedlight, a FlashBender 2 XL Pro Lighting System, and Rogue 2-in-1 Super Soft Silver/Natural White 32″ Reflector. Flash photography lighting video tutorial, techniques and tips.


Sarang Gurao says:


Alex Harkness says:

Great pace – quality video. I think it’s ‘Speedlite’.

Armando Varillas says:

awesome video, thanks for the tips.

Annabelle Linker says:

This video was so helpful; thank you!

kavan shukla says:

Wow great lady great work both girls r beautiful

davidinfa1 says:

Wow! That model is beautiful.

Oliver Pat says:

I love ur videos, but you very beautiful, you should be the model

0269ish says:

Rim light , I thought she was going in a whole different direction when I heard that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Childress says:

Simply incredible! I used to fear speedlites…mostly because i didn’t know anything about clash and also because I always assumed they were cheap and not powerful enough. Having been in flash for a few months now with a monolight, I totally desire to have a speedlite. Totally would be beneficial to have as its portable, gives plenty of light for indoors and could act as a rim light outdoors on location while using my monolight. Thank you Lindsay!

Elito says:

Hi Miss, you delievered great info thanks!!! To anyone….*I am sorry, I am new to studio lighting* Would Have been the same to use a strobe light with a soft box intead of a speedlight? would have the results been the same?

WintonMc says:

Very nice tutorial. Easy to replicate, though I added a hair light.

Jack Smith says:

Hi Lindsay, I understand that you are promoting the Flashbender, however I’m just wondering whether there are any disadvantages in this scenario in using a larger light source, such as a large softbox with a grid.

Moynul Haque says:

Hi, thank you for the wonderful tutorial. It is full of tips for beginners photographers like may self and millions of others. In the future in your tutorials can you please tell the us the audience the camera setting you are using (triangle exposure)? Many thanks.

androidgeeking says:

This video is about curves

RKG Austin says:

Can you tell us all the other settings? The exposure triangle settings? Which camera? Which lens? The speedlight settings? Maybe less direction on how to pose the model, slow motion shots of the photographer, or product placement for Rogue and more information that is actually useful.

Gary Martin says:

Great vid as always Ms Adler. Keep up the great work gorgeous!!!

Tony's Imagery says:

boudoir means bed, where is the bed?

Mike Noone says:

I feel like I just watched a really long ad for the reflector. But overall informative video. Thank you

Rotter Photography says:

great video!

Eli Gesu says:

With 200 speeds, 6.3, iso 100 and a black background goes like this?
All mine come out with a lot of light .. what do I do wrong?

Lionel Benjamin says:

excellent video thanks for this

McDowall Manor says:

Thank you.

Anureet Chhabra says:

Can u please elaborate the camera settings , from where to start.just for beginners.can i achieve these kind of reaults with dx format camera?

Sherif H says:

Great video, very well made. Thanks for sharing.

Scott Kaiser says:

I just wish there was a diagram of the setup.

joe smith says:

after looking at possibley a million girls on film *just to be helpfull here * i think the shots hear are to dark. now its just an opinion and i dont want to criticize . i let me brag make a lot of pixel program filters and i keep finding ways to boost color in dim light conditions the dimmer the conditions the less color so i end up with artificial color and invisibility technique.

psimmy73 says:

great tutorial, really informative. The model is gorgeous, did she not want to be credited??

Gloria Foto says:

nice tutorial. thanks

Divi Photos says:

Excellent video

Tim Estes says:

Congratulations! Beautiful to the absolute. Great job.

Suvendu Karar says:

Awesome…, experience in the lighting show up in the future of brightness as talked about reflection on Lindsay’s direction. Thanks for the your holy experience share with us. God bless you and keep in smiling face always.

Scott Kaiser says:

Would this work with TTL?

Philip Leighton Photography says:

Great video. Such a simple setup but beautiful lighting. Thanks so much

michel guidi says:

superbe technique !!! tres bon !!!

Courtland Dastyck says:

Any idea the effectiveness for this kind of shoot with the Flashbender L instead of XL ?

Sue McArthur says:

Love. Your work

William Victor says:

Excellent. Don’t know that many amateurs could ever replicate your results. You make it look easy.

ivan2fast4u says:

I watch her on Linda and she told how she taking picture in auto settings with DSLR for couple years and now she have to teach me… no way 😀

Francisco Castillo says:

What speed light is she using?

Essam Alhammad says:

Lovely informative video…. but i’ve a question: the way u tested ur flash on ur subject by pressing the preview button is this applicable to profoto b1 strobes? To be honest i couldn’t figure out how to use this feature

rvsam4u says:

Thanks for an informative video. And a cute model.

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