YG Gives Us Hood Fashion Tips

YG gives J Cruz a Hood How To- Bompton fashion tips.

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Tokyo says:

I love yg

AC 47 says:

Stafford only nigga

KooL D says:

or u could be your own man/woman and wear what u wanna

Zeek Williams says:

what type of hat he got on?

alan osorio says:

at least show us what it look like on

Rafael Pimentel says:

yg is funny in a hood kind of way

Zach Michael says:

Why he pull the scissors out like a damn shank

money makin' mitch says:

The guy was totally a doodoodaddy

Pimpin says:

aren’t those dickies pants?


why didnt he wear shorts instead

Trey. 323 says:

don’t yg look like 21 savage

soleman122 Kae says:

YG you frm paramount my nigha stawp allat “bompton” bullshit my nigga keep it 1hunnid wit these Folkz lol

Jesse Alvarado says:


Sebastian Lazo says:

lies he playing with y’all

Sebastian Lazo says:


BG pik says:


DayShawn Keemp says:

do proclubs count still?

Arch says:

But why you stay wearing skinny jeans …? (No diss no hate)

Prophecy95 says:

He’s high as hell.

Conie Gonzalez says:

0:08 when he says 4hunnid

Hamilton Ruiz says:

yg said someshit i would do since i was like 4 yrs old lmao these aint no fashion tips

BLKKNG trapshxt says:

proclub or shake (shirt, cargo shorts, basketball short, hoodies) then some Nike (cortez) or some Chuck’s

Jorge Alzate says:

White pro club n some creased up 501’s n chucks with that good cap on whooop

MARTINEZ 24 says:

YG why u got this lil beaner nervous man he a dodoodaddy

koi says:

how you gonna have uggs ad at the end lmao

LoCcdOutSS says:

aka how to dress like a mexican gangster .. cmon YG.. ese’s been rocking clothes like that since the 60s

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