Whitney Answers Your Questions About Fashion Tips and Turning Points

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From style advice to life-changing moments, Whitney opens up and shares heartfelt insight with fans.
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emmy 595 says:

Anyone who takes advice from you is an idiot. BTW pcos does not cause you to be 500 lbs.

Cíntia Panizza says:

This channel should be over 18 +

r52 r5family says:


yep thats how youtube works

TheFroperson says:

Sorry Whitney. Fashion tips? No. You only wear stretch & at times horrible designs in stretch. How can you talk fashion when hair a greasy mess. Some of us watch.
Love Babs & your dad. Now that’s a spinoff with Buddy working on weightloss. TLC – Listening???

THATAMOBEA_KID airsoft says:


Caara Lydick says:

Is she still pregnant

Vienna Sausage Party says:

No. If you’re 400 pounds please don’t fucking wear something that is tight. You’re just opening yourself up to abuse and it’s gross for other people to see. Fuck.

Isabel A. says:


Wizard Sexy Flakes says:

Why’d she record it in portrait smh

LOL says:

Fashion tips from her?? HAHAHAHAHAH

GamingWithCody says:

Dude if you’re overweight and you struggle to find good clothes just lose weight

Kacie Eddinger says:

I love you and how old are u

Kacie Eddinger says:


Elsie is kawaii 12 says:

Whitney if u r reading this just don’t listen to the haters and stay confident they are just trying to bring u down cus they are down and something is wrong with them and u are so pretty and I think u are a good ro model for girls that they don’t need to be skinny to be perfect 🙂

Cíntia Panizza says:

Obesity cause diseases

Trevor Franklin says:

More like tips on how to be a whale ! hahahaha

Emma Nicole says:


Cíntia Panizza says:

It is not a question of being rude here. It is a matter of public health concern to the message this irresponsible person is passing on tv.

rlabarbera says:

Ugh. This girl is glorifying and waving obesity/eating disorders like a proud flag. This is her identity and a way to profit. The message is all wrong. She’s not curvy or full figured, she’s unhealthy to the point of risking her life. Don’t even get me started on her victim mentality and the way she manipulates others and surrounds herself with enablers. She’s a narcissist. Her problem is not her weight, it’s her attitude and her head.

Willa Hufflepuff says:

This is coming from the woman who had her pants rip in a store. Why take fashion tips from someone else…only you know what styles you like.

Cíntia Panizza says:

Your channel should be about fighting obesity with self esteem not saying that it is fabulous to be fat

Kacie Eddinger says:


StagedHooper says:

P.O.S. doesn’t cause weight gain. It causes women to over react.

Cíntia Panizza says:

TLC should be a target for the government agencies to take from the air an woman who says obesity is fabulous

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