What GUYS want GIRLS to Wear (Women’s Fashion Tips)

In this video I present my favourite items currently trending in women’s fashion. These outfits/pieces make girls like super hot! With so many things to buy, just buy the 4 things I mention in this video.


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Miquel Laurent says:

Bro the choker is the black belt for awesome blow jobs

Nivy Bholah says:

well..not every guy wants a girl to wear these… personally i don’t wear any of these 4 things

Sarah Connor says:

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laid by hot women? I have learn numerous good things about Troplusfix
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LelooseTV says:

lmao that eggplant!!

symphoniez says:

No crop top mention? Loolol

Emilija Raginskyte says:

I personally guess chokers are sexy because they remind collar with a leash which provoke your fantasies about controling woman and this kind of fetish stuff 😀

Katie Kendall says:

Excuse me our life is difficult listen dude we have to worry about what we look like and I hate guys like u because your telling as to look sexy but if I got a boyfriend for looking sexy it means that it wouldn’t workout because he would except me for my body not my personality face it girls just be yourself don’t worry about the hottest trend because it may not suit you

ed k says:

Bro all the girls that wear the chocker should get rabis shot

Jackielynnn Ruiz says:

A lot of guys on my facebook make fun of girls wearing chokers

Patrick Mcmillan says:

Your videos are good

Julia M says:

you think chokers are sexy,because you want to choke your gf

Ruth Randloph says:

$30 dollar choker!

spiderman43042 says:

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Secrets can be good way to get laid by hot women. Why not give it a
chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

Joe T says:

sick hat guzz

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