Warframe: Zephyr Prime – Builds, Fashion, Tips & Tricks [thedailygrind]

With the release of Zephyr Prime, I figured why not just toss together a guide that includes my builds, loadouts, tips & tricks as well as a splash of fashion!

Zephyr Prime Relics:

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Background Music by: Ampyx
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Pai x Damien says:

Scorch, hyekka masters, their fucking pets, any melee, bombard’s rocket aoe, commander stun, toxin aura, napalm fire, flameblades teleport, osprey mines, corpus comba. “dey nevur gon hit u wit turbulens” SURE

hoatzin1 says:

I always learn a lot from you – thank you!

MégaSparky2 says:

I really like the look of zephyr prime

Deande F. says:

I am actually surprised that you didn’t mention-
When you are on the ground as Zephyr, her arm blades/feathers are in
But if you go airborne, they extend; as soon as you land, they slowly retract again. <3

Grazewound Zero says:

Need more Zephyr Prime [dressedtokill]

Nic Chopper says:

This prime is great but I’m definitely using the Hagoromo with the prime details on – looks awesome

lady mayneth says:

my favorite frame alongside equinox got primed and she is sexy 🙂

Lunar Templar says:

nothing better then the best skin the Warframe has, working expertly with the Primed add ons

Rusty Pawz says:

Birb prime has one of the most lit release sets. you the prime frame, cat prime, possibly one of the best prime primary yet, tenno swag suit, and the mele is okay i guess…

Shivenis says:

I really wish the changed the augment for dive bomb to air burst with the same mechanic, the more enemies the air disc go through, the more damage does the final burst itself.
Also, We chose the exactly same attachments for her xD

Forget2BHuman fuckoff says:

i cant fashion frame, i just black and red everything 😀

Ster Scott says:

Rob for zephyr fashion try the Naberus or prisma version for the arms.

Daniel Petro says:

I got zephyr prime for 200 platnum and she requires 2 nintan extracts and I have one FUCK THIS GAME

Eric Heidgerd says:

You’ve probably already figured this out by now but the nullifier shield drone is unaffected by explosive weapons unfortunately. So no need to contact your nearest senator

Rio Cahyadi says:

Wow… I’m shocked to see Hagamoro skin with prime detail on work really well. Once again it show what a *quality* are.

FlezzDurjis says:

I love when you toggle prime details, more toggle please!! Just do it over and over…..

Salen Stormwing says:

Rob rocking the Vitality + Redirection! Omg! Mistake buffers are nice! All hail mistake buffers!

AzaratheDragon says:

oh my, this is what? One of the first primes that Tennogen doesn’t rip your soul straight out when you toggle prime details on? I might just have to grab that skin after all.

One snowy boi says:

not first..

Corey Schmitt says:

rob, you perfectly described my colour scheme trends for prime frames

Bradley Garcia says:

“Modding like a realistic player”


Modding like a casual gr8 b8 m8

Greg S. says:

9:59 dying is part of the fun

Raphael says:

Rob, do you know which mods affect or not exodia force? Or what’s up with that? The wiki says melee mods are still not affecting the base dmg, even after the patch that was supposed to fix that. I’m very interested in that exodia, but since it’s a big resource investment and I hate farming for fish, ore and cetus wisp I wanted to have a better idea of how it’s working atm before commiting. Thanks!

Bradley Garcia says:

Now that I’ve watched the whole video, since it was not mentioned, the arca plasmor runs really well with Zephyr on a jet stream build would highly recommend it, and you can pair it with arcane consequence to get more parkour velocity if you wish which helps you get more speed.

atrumluminarium says:

Aviator I found is quite good for the “shitty luck moments” if one’s playstyle is more than 75% of the mission in air. 40% reduction on health and shields really boosts her survivability considering she has a lot of them

thomasjdow says:

You should try arca plasmor with her jet stream, it’s beautiful!

James Bartlett says:

Yaaay! I got here sub 100 views.

Ricardo Ramos says:

Realistic build most others builds I see, people don’t even use survivability mods… Those are simulacrum builds

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