Victoria Beckham’s Top 10 Fashion Tips
Victoria Beckham was in Hong Kong recently and Mediam Rare had the privilege of interviewing her for a style feature for Lane Crawford. In this video, Victoria gives us her top fashion tips.
Video production by Mediam Rare


RareJessie says:

I absolutely agree all tips she gave, but I guess these tips would be useful to ppl who already have their own tastes and know what they want.

Charna Alcazar says:

What does she eat ??

Key Liu says:

Ture! She is a real beauty! I like her!

Olga Kovaliova says:

really great advice! love it!

Joanna K says:

I love her

kenya ferguson says:

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Jane McGrath says:

Repeat repeat repeat

Final Fantasy says:

You can’t stop aging and you’ll get wrinkles whether you like it or not, so just fucking smile!

Kiri Takizawa says:

I’m 19 and I really wanna talk like her.

syd the greatest says:

She seems very cold stuck up.I’ve met her not at all down to earth.A very distant woman.

ayy lol says:

One of the advices should be to EAT

Ga says:

Vitto’ ma statt a Cas! !!

Mo Veld says:

Can someone please tell her to stop injecting fillers in her upper lip? I can not even start to concentrate on what she is saying (or is it really that uninteresting?)

CS L says:

She is so beautiful! And I’ve always liked her confidence and sophistication. But that is one ugly dress she’s wearing, makes her look too skinny as if she’s sick.

Julie Crowe says:

11. Having a nanny, a stylist and a personal assistant helps too

Kilkeny1976 says:

a tip would be to smile, look welcoming. Not the highly stylish cold frozen fish walking on her stiletos in the street. yes stylish but so so sad.

Getrommel says:

Tip 11: Don’t take fashion advice from Victoria Beckham

Zoe M says:

She’s right. Getting ready IS the fun part! I don’t overpack (anymore). I would sdd, play up your most attractive feature because then you act more confident and confidence is sexy!

sweetandmore says:

I love her tips.
I think she looks great and she is herself.
She does not look plastic whatsoever. She is so confident❤

EB B says:

God I wanna go shopping with her

tracks wod says:

Years of starving, having white skin, having all those kids and staying with a cheating husband for over a decade has really aged her and taken its toll!

polkadotsla says:

That’s the most depressing set ever!

Sharon Kay says:

Everyone should follow these tips imo

francescaemc2 says:

having your hair and makeup done are always the best part!

k alice says:

마지막 말이 젤 멋짐!! 我觉得最后一句话算是最重要的。

momoxiaoshizi says:

I like her, I really do, but her lips look so weird…

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