TV Show Viking Fashion Guide – Top 5 Tips

TV Show Viking Fashion Guide – Top 5 Tips


Arthur Williams says:

Don’t forget that all Viking men had beards and long hair. They certainly were no clean-shaven Vikings, mustachioed Vikings or Vikings with short, practical haircuts. That’s just silly.

Christopher Rowley says:

If we can trust Ibn Fadlan’s account of his contact with “vikings” (….ok…… “early medieval people from northern europe”….godsdamn that’s way more annoying to say) that were trading in Russia we learn that they had tattoos “Each one of them has from the tip of his nails to the neck figures, trees, and other things, tattooed in dark green.” So I guess the head tattoos are not supported. And, in my eyes at least, the tendril and gripping beast elements of viking age art aren’t entirely unlike celtic art. Other than that I totally agree with you on how ridiculous the tv viking is often portrayed, especially with the leather and color schemes.
For the tattoo quote, check out Ibn Fadlan’s account. Also the Hurstwic website has some good information on the clothing of the time.

Dwight E Howell says:

These guys look a lot more goth than Viking. Unless you were pretty much at the bottom of the dung heap you had a helmet and maille! Clothing would have been mostly wool.

Karra Murphy says:

we REALLY enjoy this series, but you are right..far from historically accurate

Entraya Crosshill says:

is there a mathematical formula for the strangely inherent comedic timing of that knife being thrown at the shield afterwards, that very specific span of time between the major and the minor, it’s downright bizarre

David Weihe says:

Complaining about the lack of helmets is a waste of time. The actor who played Ragnar Hairybreeks (Lothbrok in Old Swedish) is, as far as I know, currently unemployed, so he NEEDS reruns or DVDs of this series to remind casting directors who he is. With a helmet, he cannot prove that it wasn’t his stunt double in those scenes.

Which is more important to him, his career or the director’s desire for historical accuracy in all matters (OK, quit laughing so loudly)? Anyway, helmets cost money and time to make properly so as to fit well. This is a TV show, not the LotR trilogy, they shoot each episode over a week or so, not months.

ö. . , says:

An, also ironic, video reply of Skallagrim would be perfect.

John Timpson says:

I’m rofl’ing over this sarcasm! Screw Hollywood!

Finkeren says:

About no. 2. The eyeliner/mascara (stibium in Roman sources) was actually a thing – though we have little knowledge about how it looked in real life. We have a written source from an Arab diplomat (I think from Cordoba) who visited Hedeby in the 9th century, and he describes the local population in some detail. Among the things he mentions is the use of eye make-up by both men and women, and he says that when used, their beauty never fades – it’s one of the few things about the Scandinavians that he was actually impressed by.

Of course in a silly show like Vikings this gets translated into shoddy warpaint, but likely it was something akin to the Roman stibium.

Nick Johnson says:

i enjoy Vikings quite a bit, but the costumes have bothered me since the first episode, and i have to say they get worse every season.

Zachary Miles says:

I can’t handle the smarm

Turgeis says:

The lack of helms is not completely inaccurate especially for the early Viking period specifically in the British Isles. They tended to wear small leather caps or nallbinding hats and rarely wore mail. It is also my understanding that they tended toward shorter hair styles much like the later Norman cut with longer hair in front and shaved at back of head. All those braids especially in the beards on The Vikings series is utter nonsense and don’t get me started on their clothing. The series isn’t a complete loss but one cannot help but notice the really mixed up history etc

swietoslaw says:

Its funny how they look like metal fans 😛 They could just could go from tv set to some concert.
And I say this a metal fan 😛

They should just cast as background people reenactors its much more historically.
They do this in Polish movie Lol this movie have so retarded name in Uk and german distribution.
Btw this movie is really cool, based on XIX novel so its not super accurate.

Kyle B. says:

This was beautiful.

Random says:

Aaaaaaaaw, you forgot to mention the most important accessory of all – 7 layers of grime, because we all know vikings were real MEN! Even the female ones. And what’s manlier than constantly looking like you work in a coal mine? Everyone knows bathing was invented in 1902 by Johnathan Bathe, anyway. No one in history EVER had personal hygiene.

John Matthias says:

Okay, I’ve got all the kit: hair, leather, sword. What now? Farm? Really?!

Dragon50275 says:

I loved the axe and dagger being haphazardly thrown into the shield XD).

Shawn Abbott says:

Love this video! One of the funniest and sadly accurate critiques of modern foolishness!! Two thumbs up, Matt!

H.J. Indy Nuding says:

I wonder when they start with Knitted Leather “Maille” Hauberks for 2019 Viking-SBS ?

Pada LAN says:

Forgot the pristine skin, with no scars, but permanent scratches and with your face always covered in mud.

biohazard724 says:


harbl99 says:

Soled boots with treads. That’s the point my suspension of disbelief went ‘twang’.

Feffnirsbane says:

tattoos happend but never the prison blue, only charcoal green and never celtic bullcrappery and most things ever tattooed was signs that people saw as oh this person is actually crazy. symbols that of a certain ammount is reached this person is considered sick in the head so its nothing that you want.

Chad Falardeau says:

I love the sarcasm.

Alex Eternity says:

one question though, is the viking bonus from the wrist bands and the tatoos additive or multiplicative? as in 130% or 132%?

Sigmund Freud says:


Thumbsdown Bandit says:

These Vikings were probably the hipsters of their time. Today’s hipsters are riding bicycles without breaks. And a 1000 years ago they were going into battle without mail and helmet.

Brad Deremer says:

Cool kids don’t wear helmets.

shevek72 says:

This Video needs at least 20% more Vikings.

Magnus Eriksson says:

Is this really true? You sound a bit strange Matt?

Jacek Czuba says:

Let’s be honest, Matt, your voice here sounds like you were sellig horses or slaves on a huge slave market! Come and see, come and touch, you will be a tru viking! Fur is furry, leather is shiny, be sure to keep your elbows bare, ladies love that! Eyeliner, who wants some eyelinerrrr!
Awesome. I was grinning and laughing through the video 😀 I would only like to see your face in the corner, you must have had lots of laugh too 😀

E. Groo Kaplan says:

Nicely done and I agree.

David Reddy says:

I will say, HEMA sparring has taught me how useful it is to have good forearm protection. Maybe I’ll need to try making some woven leather bracers. I would’ve thought using thicker leather would do the trick, but what do I know?

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