Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make | Style Tips

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make | Style Tips

Fashion is all about personal choice and self expression but over the past 20 years of working in fashion magazines and personal styling I’ve seen a number of recurring “fashion mistakes”.

So in this video I’ve focused the top ten that I think we need to stop making and what not to wear. Of course, fashion is all about personal choice and if you do any of these things then of course that is totally fine. I’m not here to judge anyone or make anyone feel bad about their own personal choices. These “mistakes” are only my observations over many years working in the fashion industry in various capacities. The idea is to share my thoughts on how to dress well, how to look good, how to look put together and of course how to always be stylish.

I know these “mistakes” may seem controversial to some but my intention is to help every woman feel great in the clothes they wear.

Thanks for watching.



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CtgBcn Cook the Kitchen says:

#how is supposed to dress people our age (50) or all ages is education and mentality, some kids are old come adults are kids…that is reflected in your character 😉
#showing skin, enough is good too much is gross ..
Dress as you feel comfortable and do not be too aware of yourself, trendy or not, there are things that do not suit us or we are not comfortable with it and the last one in my opinion, every place, every occasion has a type of appropriate clothing.There are not many more rules, because you do not have to look like anyone. 😉
The exact thing applies for makeup. Cheers!

Lenysea says:

New things I’ve learned today: no mid-calf crop pants and do not let the item end on the widest part of the body. So that what it was!!! I would sense that something wasn’t looking flattering, but could never figure it out. Thank you so much!
A fashion mistake that makes me cringe are large, ‘heavy’, colorful accessories… Makes the whole outfit look cheap-ish.

Debarshi Majumdar says:

U r the inspiration of ladies of all age…love frm India

Alina Nguyen says:

Thank you for your tips ♥️

Patty CANDLE says:

I really enjoy your videos ! Happy New Year from France Leonie !!!

Tricia Rowe says:

Hi Leonie, great tips especially going to different shops or labels. I thrift mostly now and come across lots of different styles and labels and just trying on clothes regardless of the size or brand has been enlightening. It would be great if you could show some try ons to illustrate your points.

stavroti26 says:

finally a person telling the truth about mid – calf pants. Thank you.

Jim O'Connor says:

You are definitely a breath of fresh air on Youtube.
So creative and sharing actually REAL life usable tips in every video.
You are a great communicator! Keep up the good work x

Mina Curry says:

Where is your stripe top from and the chunky cardigan from?

jpeachy 4u says:

You do dress your age. Age fabulous! Age confident, age smart, and age fun! I try to stay away from people who are age dour, sour, and small minded. So glad I subscribed. I really enjoy your videos. Happy New Year!

ivanete roark says:

People that don’t get fashion are usually the most opinionated and critical!

VulcanWithFeelings says:

Just subscribed! It’s nice seeing content for us 50 plus’ that still want to look good. I love the earrings by the way, where are they from?

Schillysrh says:

I love how empowering your message is! ❤️

Linda says:

What I always look for when buying clothes is comfort. I want something that I can wear all day and it be as comfortable at the end of the day as the start of the day. The rest usually falls into place after that. I do prefer certain colors but am always willing to try something else and I also like what I wear to look flattering. One piece may look great on someone else, but until I try it I don’t know if it will look as good on me. This is why I always go out to clothes shop and spend a good deal of time doing so.

Lisa Tavan says:

WORD! Stay cool Leonie! x L

Tracey Wright says:

Sounds like my tops, pants and skirts are going to be finishing at my neck, lol.

sewing arsenals says:

Love this – subscribed!

Baby Blue says:

this tips were so helpful. I was glad that I clicked in the video. I am always so ashamed of my body ! I think I am fat and short so I dont dare to go bomb with the clothes. After I saw this video my opinion changed . I now love myself and embrace my body type. THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Teresa Gaudiot says:

What pants to wear when you have “kankles”?

Jana Gajdosikova says:

I do have incredibly long and slim legs. I wish I could gain some weight on my ankles. Not that easy…

Sam A says:

Great advice xx

Rosemarie S. Kikel says:

I think you are contradicting yourself ….you first say wear whatever you want and then you go onto pointing out “fashion mistakes” …how is it a mistake when you are wearing what you want like the cropped pants ??? Anyway, a woman looks foolish when she dresses like a young girl .There is a time and place for everything. Many of your tips are on point but ……

Vivian Lott says:

Could you do a video on undergarments please. Thank you!

Mariana Quental says:


JayMac says:

Great video and advice Leonie. Is your t shirt available anymore? I need some striped t’s in my wardrobe……

7mrugo says:

51??? I would give you not more than 40… You should probably think about making a skin care video 😉

Jane Lowe says:

Completely agree with everything! And you are an absolute babe! I cannot believe anyone’s ever said to dress your age. So rude! xx

Tracy Doverspike says:

The fashion mistakes that make me crazy are wearing leggings when they shouldn’t be worn out for many reasons. My other fashion mistake is wearing too much bulk or adding more bulk to your frame then you should. I stopped wearing big sweaters and it’s been the best choice for me. Just my opinion.

Gypsy Belle says:

Oooo!  The Mom Voice and the former boyfriend voice in our heads are the WORST!  Even when we know what they said was dead wrong.  Why do those stick so stubbornly in our self concious?  Thanks for your insights.  I am encouraged to keep “calling out” those negative voices and telling them to take a hike in 2018!  You are a positive inspiration.  Thank you!

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