The Try Guys Get Photoshopped With Men’s Ideal Body Types

The Try Guys recreate famous photos of male celebrities and are photoshopped with their ideal body types.

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Big Bad Wolf
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Made by BFMP
Photo Retoucher – Evan Robert Trusewicz
Makeup Artist – Joshua Masuda
Hairstylist – Yuichi Ishida
BuzzFeed Senior Staff Photographer – Macey J. Foronda


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Sony Nz says:

Eugene actually looks really good

Xxeviemm videosxX says:

If everyone was perfect then life wouldn’t be perfect.

chescosplays says:

tbh they all look great as they are

Citrus US says:

He his the tallest Korean I know

Ayano Aishi says:


Tiffany Gonzalez says:

Eugene is a natural thruster, WHEW.

Y-M@n Gaming says:

Eugene looks like rice gum just the face

Owen Balding says:

Why do people/they complain about not having the time to achieve the body you want, if you want it enough you’ll make time. I’m sure they spend time watching TV when they could be working out and eating right isn’t time consuming. Plus you can do a high intensity 10 minute workout at home which they definitely will have the time for, so dunno why they make all theses excuses, they’re just lazy

Non-existent Mist says:

“He’s actually a natural thruster!”

Me: *dying* I LOVE YOU EUGENE!

Kylee Weinstein says:

I would take Eugene or Ned any day those two men are GORGOUS

Isabella Adams says:

Eugene you we so perfect

Vixen says:

I honestly think they look good before, but with some work they could all achieve their body goals. Maybe not to perfection but a little working out can go a long way.

Bee Shurley says:

Eugene, you look amazing. Keith, you rock tank tops. Ned, you are beautiful. Zach, you are handsome. And even if you guys don’t agree, I bet there are people in your lives that would like to beg to differ.

NormGeek says:

Eugene is sexy

Ayano Aishi says:

There all surprisingly in shape

Slimbyte says:

Damn that’s so disgusting if a men doesn’t shave himself..

GalaxyPotato says:

aw crap I was about to comment CHINESE TATUM, until i realized Eugeune is korean.

Abby O'Dwyer says:

Did anyone notice they made Eugene’s but bigger

Jess Garza says:

My brother has a 8 or 6 pack and he is normal it is possible

Santeri Lassila says:

This video is pretty sad. Just pretty hypocritical that buzzfeed talks about body positivity and then does this to these guys.

Scarlet Age says:

Eugene was a adorable child now he is a hot fashionable guy!!! Keith looks awesome in a tank top Ned and Zach are both adorable

I like how they all they look like real humans beings!!! There is this beauty standard that is impossible to reach because we don’t have time for this!! People work a lot and don’t have time to look like this

just nicole says:

You guys should do “People with acne get photoshopped into a clear face”

Narcissistic Unicorn says:

This is so sad. We’re so used to seeing these four guys cracking jokes, but they all looked so sad… nobody should be sad when looking at themselves because of how they look.

Pluto Nuro says:

not gonna lie when Eugene’s came on i cried a little bit cause i can relate a lot to that.

Diksha Alreja says:

marry me Eugene

ihazkittenz :3 says:

Eeugen screw all the people who bullied you! I think your perfect in everyway. I secretly do I have a crush on you, but don’t all women don’t XD

Matilda Grant says:

Eugene you are beautiful

Dani Rogers says:

When they were talking about what they didn’t like about themselves, I literally started crying. I was just like “NUUU!!! DA LIL SMOLL BEANS! NO! YOU’RE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!!!” (I’m still crying a little thinking about it)

Zellafy says:

Omg. Just realized it. Keith looks like Milo from the Atlantis movies.

Moody. Sloth says:

Why is the makeup artist so rude!!

Viviana Homol says:

Eugene you are the most divine, genuine, funny, cute, adorable and sexy Asian man I’ve ever seen. I think you are sexier than Tatum. Hands down. I’d take you a thousand times over him.

Xxryleigh GallaugherxX says:

Ugiene not being sexy.

……that’s a complete lie

Lil Alvarez says:

OK I’ll of guys look fine SO I’ll you guys should like yourself if you were in the 80s you would haft to kill yourself so STOP

waffle nation says:

This went deep really fast.

Craptap says:

I think they all look sexy before and after.

Adrian Kanangimi says:

Eugene and kevin looked great before photoshop, but after was wow! I still liked before though. Kevin your arms looked fine!

Rachele Parkinson says:

Eugene is so gorgeous, it makes me sad that he has confidence issues.

B1ue Sk1es says:


Jordan Yon says:

damn Keith is so hawt at 10:43 in the non edited one

Liv ChimChim2904 says:

I am wearing the same chequered shirt as the designer go unisex clothes xx

tacollamaunicat says:

Proud of them to be true
And we should respect that too
But no matter night or day
We love them anyway❤

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