THE Adele Makeup Tutorial featuring Guest Artist Michael Ashton

The only way to do an Adele makeup look properly is to ask the person who created THAT look. Thanks to guest artist Michael Ashton ( for coming to the #HouseofEldridge to share his tips. Let me know what you think on Instagram and follow Michael on instagram here

Thanks to the lovely model Lotte Williams –

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Katie Cahill says:

Wow! Absolutely stunning! Nothing is overdone. Her face could be on any magazine cover.

Ammarah A says:

Absolutely loved this one!

Sarah Osinovsky says:

WOW!!! Can’t get any better than the original Makeup Artist!!! Thank you for inviting him for your video! Adele is such a beauty, and I love her makeup!

person that is fangirling says:

does this method also work with hooded eyes?


Absolutely Gorgeous! I know it’s the Adele look but at the end the model reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Such pretty eyes

Cherry Laxamana says:

She looks like Angelina Jolie!

cphgirl xoxo says:

absolutely stunning! Beautiful work <3

carleneeeee says:

Thank you Lisa! This tutorial has helped me so much as a make up artist! Xx

Marylove says:

Thanks Lisa⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rock on!

Cosimo Ditalini says:

I watch this video over and over and will never get my makeup to look this meticulous. Michael is amazing and this model looks wonderful! Please have your own channel Michael and Thank you Lisa for sharing this video!

-Ilana 🙂 xoxo

Ruth Castaneda says:

This is STUNNING. I took so many notes down. Thank you Lisa for being both elegant and educational in your videos. I love I always learn something new on your channel! Xoxo-Ruth

poppy2908 says:

omg the perfection of the eyeliner…..:o

Diana de Strahm says:

I’ve watched this video at least 20 times, and every time is so mesmerizing!!! He is such an amazing artist!!! Lisa you are such an inspiration, and your channel is an infinite source of knowledge, thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

zophe e says:

What a gorgeous model!

Shannon Welch says:

lol I didn’t even realize that the person talking was a dude until she said “thanks michael!”

Asima Ashraf says:

The makeup model reminds me of the lady in the scottish widow adverts back in the day. Beautiful.

giovana rodriguez says:

I would never take off that makeup. Loooooooooooove it, totally love it.

59Smythe says:

The eyelashes don’t match. My OCD is in overdrive. Amazing work though.

Ivonne Chuluc says:

I see lots of comments about how youtubers cake up on makeup….I’m not defending them but have you noticed what a beautiful skin this model has? Even without makeup, her complexion (has some acne going on) but it’s not like other women that suffer major skin problems. I think all the girls who do makeup and are youtube makeup gurus do it as an example to others in case there is some kind of skin discoloration, major acne problems etc. I’m just sayin! But, this model has young, dewy, beautiful skin, she doesn’t need much!

Madeline says:

This video is so amazing, I cant help but yearn for each and every product he’s using.

Vintage Kitty says:

well done. a true professional!

Julia Elisaveta Sobol says:

What brushes do you used?

Chloe Curtis says:


Jenevieve Busseau says:

For some reason this video is just SO inspiring. His philosophy on eye makeup taught me some new tips

crystal carb says:

This truly shows the difference in the Youtube beauty community. You have your “influencers”, girls/guys who, sure they like makeup, BUT only want cash so they’ll shove whatever free product they received from whatever company is paying them into your face (i.e. Jacyln Hill, NikkieTutorials, Jefree Star, Tati, Kandee Johnson, etc), and the TRUE makeup artists who have worked hard, who truly love makeup and want to share their tips and tricks with the masses (Lisa stands ALONE in this regard). Lisa fills a desperate need and I am so grateful she posts her videos and especially videos like this.

Marylove says:

Thank you so much Michael, I absolutely love it. I have brown eyes, could you do one for browns eyes?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hafi Yousuf says:

Lovely! I’ve always wanted to have eye makeup like Adele and now I’m going to try it on myself. 🙂

Rānana W says:

New Zealand heeeeeyyyy….

123Jenny90 says:

Is a mascara fan brush really necessary for pros and for non pros? Are disposable mascara wands just as good if not the same in terms of result deliverance?

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