Summer Evening OOTD- Men’s Fashion Tips | Daily Fit | #GotMeLike

So I was challenged by Google Play Music’s #GotMeLike campaign to create an outfit based on a playlist of music that was curated for me. Can we all take a second and appreciate that this is literally what my channel is all about! If you are looking for new music, this is an amazing option to stream + discover new remixes, originals and artists.
Google Play Music:
Playlist: Deep House Pool Party

Just want to thank Google Play for sponsoring this video. You guys know that I rarely do sponsored content, and small videos like this allow me to afford creating higher quality content for you. I keep investing back into the channel because I want to provide the best that I can, so any support with a like or comment is always appreciated. Much love everyone!

Outfit Information:

Sunglasses –

Tan Essential Vest –

Zanerobe Surest shorts – *my colour is no longer on the main website, but there are other options*

Nike Sock Darts – Check out my unboxing

SNAPCHAT: @anthonydelucv

Song in today’s video:
Ducked Ape – Gold Sin (ft. Anouk Hendriks) –
Heroic Recordings

Filmed on:
Sony A7rii w/ 24-70mm G Master Lens
Panasonic GH4 for slow motion and cinematic 4K
12-35 mm
Final Cut


Cory Scott says:

LOVE THIS!!!!! So much. So so much. Great video!

Hugh Myron says:

the outfit kinda looks like ass. doesnt match well with your endomorph physique

N3XUS says:

are you pleased of your hair type ?

Ksharks5 says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t really like the outfit? Still good vid tho

bekka schmidt says:

Love the editing and visuals!!! The song is cool too

Phillip Miller says:

Also what is your sound cloud I would totally follow it

Azkel says:

How tall are you?

Lewis Dakin says:

Loved the video Anthony! I personally hate when its summer because you can’t layer up and you can only really wear shorts and a tshirt haha! also I make Youtube video and would love to get some honest feedback! xx

chris brandsema says:

FANTATIC video quality, great clothes, and awesome editing. (not crazy bout the sunglasses tho)

Keep it up, Ant!

classOFnever1121 says:

Don’t like this look

Keenan Meyer says:

That moment when you realize his glasses look like dexter ‘ s laboratory.

J. R. says:

How tall are you?

Vince's Welt says:

Really nice ootd 🙂 and awesome music.

Insanee 007 says:

Hey bro my hair is pretty long kinda like yours. I have a question. I like curling about 1/4 of my hair going the opposite direction do you think it’s bad if I use a curling iron almost every day?. With heat protectant of course

Johnny Silver says:

Sorry but in my opinion that outfit is treacherous

Bruce Lick says:

those shorts are way too small makes u look gay

Jadson Andresen says:

I Loved your TShirt and this Fucking Awesome Sunglasses…. Cheers Anthony

no vnm says:

Outfit is ugly man looks very gay

Angel says:

Hunch back

Mad Yelling Man says:

Nearly $300 sun glasses. They looks so cool but I do not have that spare money laying around. Goodness me O_O

Remyparkour says:

Hey man what’s the update on your health?? You made one video like 8 months ago and said you had a really serious condition but haven’t heard much about it. You aight??

Anymalus says:

I love the shirt and your glasses!:)

Noah Mapp says:

For some reason you reminded me of mark Thomas in this video

Phillip Miller says:

Still not sure bout those sun glasses but dope video

6haze says:

I’m not trying to hate but I feel that your body type doesn’t fit your style, everyone’s entitled their opinion

Caleb Chamberlain says:

meanwhile I still buy albums on CD’s… xD (BTW snapchat army!)

Bob Jackson says:

Look at how fat those legs and that chest is

Yng Rvra7 says:

instagram- young_rivera7

MultiTheManiac says:

you look pretty weird in these outfits.

David Forteau says:

Hey Just wanted to comment on here and say what a great job you have done, loving this video, you are super talented keep up the good work.I know you are helping people around the world with your skills so keep sharing! I liked & subscribed, would love if you supported back, Currently im capturing moments of friends and artists i work with in a more lifestyle ootd format i hope you like my work ill leave one link for you to check out i hope thats cool.

Fread The Dolin says:

showing off his style, doing that dramatic pose and sunglasses, i think “that is very sexy”. suddenly he talks and all the sexiness is gone

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