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Whats up you guys so these are some things I’ve learned and read up on and if they help me I figure the should be able to help you as well 🙂 Let me know which one you like the most or what ones you have been using!
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Rraymo123 says:

Nice vid but where you been the past couple of weeks?!

Joseph L. says:

Bro awesome video, probably one of my favorites, you inspire me to grow my channel. Thanks bro

leo helio bandeiras says:

hi my friend , nice video man. what s name the music play on video?

vauterlu says:

i like your hairstyle. Can you make a Video about it?

Ludwig Saravia says:

I would really really appreciate if you could tel us where to get trendy glasses like the ones you have on right now please i have been looking for months and still cant find a pair worth buying

ManuTube16 says:

Thanks for the advices, very useful

Spencer Sheehan says:

Haha my mom taught me that little lint roller trick. It’s saved me so many times!

Mr Duke Silver says:

I only wash my raw denim in the bath tub

Enes Tekin says:

More ! 😀

Spuishee says:

Hi Jordan, where did you get those glasses? I love them!

Max Shapira says:

Great one! Thank you bro! very helpful tips. Keep up the amazing work!

DMAN D says:

I always thought the dimple in the tie was because people didn’t know how to tie one properly.

TheOfficialNaikee says:

Jordan and Ross from the 1975 are basiaclly the same person now lol

Santosh Shrestha says:

i dont know what it is… but you somewhat look like roman reigns ….

Josh says:

People are really pushing the whole “nice fitting”– tight as fuck, fitting clothes
For fancy clothes yeah
Everyday wear? Nah
Not about flattering my body, stay laxed

njuafed71 says:

Just bought a raw denim.Thanks for tips!

Future Spices says:

Always have a pair of Air Jordan 1s, such a simple shoe. The color way I recommend is the Chicago color way or Black toe either will work.

Mr Man says:

your point would be valid if it’s was based on personal experience instead of regurgitating what u read online or in print. don’t create content just for the sake of creating it

OGAesthetics says:

why the vids dont show up brian :((

Twili Vaati says:

God you are so hot

Jayden Lam says:

I have a hack for raw denim: Freeze them in the fridge and air drying them to get rid of stink and kill bacteria instead of washing them regularly

TheJojo01902 says:

Great suggestions! Thanks!

Nicklaus Florr says:


TheGentlemansCove says:

Any hacks you guys know of???

xHibachi24x says:

I absolutely love your glasses brother!

I recently got clear squarish type ones, and I’ve been a little self-conscious because although I initially liked them when I chose them, I don’t really see many people rocking them. There’s the moniker that it’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it…. and I think this is perfectly exemplified in this video. They suit ya really well, and have given me the boost of confidence to continue rocking them.

Jamal Jackson says:

As trendy as 7 to 8 months sounds, I cannot do it. People who do that always stink.

Bradley Go says:

lovin the hair man

TheJojo01902 says:

PS. Love the glasses! They suit you very well.

Jonathan _ says:

jordan and joe.. your products are amazing. #fuckhanzdefraud

Tüske Péter says:

Hey Jordan! I have a question. Once or twice in a week I go places where everyone smoking indoors. It makes my jeans smells like really bad after every week. As you said, I don’t want to wash it everytime becouse it damage the denim. The question is: is there any easier way to clean out the bad smell from my jeans? (I’m not smoking btw.)
Love your content! Peace! 🙂

Andrew Clark says:

Great frames!

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