Style Tips To Make Chubby Guys Look More MUSCULAR 💪 | 3 Clothing Tricks | StyleOnDeck

Where are all the muscular style hacks for dudes with average builds that are simply out of shape? If you care about style but are a bit chubby like most guys, this video is for you.

Watch for 4 Style Tips That Make Chubby Guys Look Muscular

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Nasser ALQahtani says:

finally man someone can understand me

Anthony Wallace says:

Go to the gym you low T having weak bitch. LMAO

Jamaa L says:


acezizy says:

instant sub and like

Neil Bigmista Strawder says:

I was already doing the stretch thing but the jacket tip was on point. Thanks!

Joel Kuvuna says:

Glad to see a brother making videos like this

Triggy McTrigger says:

Something about you that makes it seem like youre not a narcissistic douche jnlike most other men fashion channels. Subbed

ASMR Daddys Voice says:

This was just what I needed to watch!

Stephanie McCullum says:

Oh you were being serious wow…it’s kinda more fun this way…

Jonny Lewis says:

Best damn intro ever! Subbed! Great tips

Adult Onset Diabetes says:

Like if u were tryna roll up ur sleeves the whole time

Essential G says:

This was awesome!

chris lewis says:

Keep it coming. I’m a older dude need some tips…

Tyler Clow says:

I think you look way better with the extra 20 lbs. 🙂

Ebrithil1 says:

What do you mean you don’t say more muscular? That’s in your title.

djblue503 Cas says:

Eat healthy and do exercise, there’s no any other way around Mr tricks…!!

Mac Ton says:

Or you could just work out.

smaller cathedrals says:

2 minutes in, nothing but bla bla so far. Get to the point, it’s only a 5 minute video, no need for long-winded introductions.

Kyle A. Scarborough says:

If you close your eyes, it sounds like Kevin Hart giving makeover tips, haha. Awesome, love the videos.

Quadre Ransom says:

Gods work

K C says:

U cute

Jay Bar10Dr4hire says:

2 min of BS then finally get to the tips…no one cares what inspired you or how u feel or what u eat…get to tips bro! Jeez!

e.e hoop says:

When guys figure out women hacks lol

KingFishVersion says:

What kind of t-shirt are you wearing!???

elvis pena says:

This man is giving out all the secrets smh

Major Carrot says:

the slouching dude looks like it’s gonna suicide

Dame Mac says:

Idk y u remind me of Kevin Hart

Exiverence says:

I like this guy way better than the other fashionistas here on YouTube

kobevick1 says:

What brand t shirt are you wearing in this video??

JediMastaG _ says:

HOw to look muscular. Step 1: Go to the gym. Step 2: Eat Right

dog person says:

Y the fuck is this in my recommendation news flash I’m extremely skinny I’m not a fat fuck. But I am a pos.

Kyle A. Scarborough says:

Funny thing about the stretching technique. I picked up this great hoodie sleeveless t-shirt training top. Has these great boxing graphics on it (I’m a novice boxer, just used mostly for staying in shape), and I was worried how it would fit when washed. It fit perfect off the rack, but obviously clothes shrink.
My wife did the stretching bit and it fits flawlessly. 100% the same as when it was new.

I assumed my wife was some sort of wizard; perhaps trained in the Dark Arts of Laundry at Hogwarts. I dunno.
So either you attended class as well or I’m just easily impressed by mundane life hacks.

Xavier Molina says:

Great video. Instantly subscribed. Question/recommendation: Can you post a link to the shirts or comment on where to purchase (brand), etc..? Would be cool to be able to purchase that Mandarin collar short or the t shirt with sleeves to roll up! Thanks!!!

Wealthbuilderz TV says:

Instead getting ppl to be fit. You just want to look fit. I get it. Smh

Stephanie McCullum says:

Gym clothes work as well at the gym sweating while lifting weights

MaximusX45-1911 says:

Now this is my kinda channel, thank you sir i just subscribed…..

Erik Bojay says:


captainchaos087 says:

You sir, are s genius. Thanks for making an awesome vid.

Nutzy says:

So fuck exercise right? Lol

Erick Robles says:


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