Style Tips + Fashion Rules You Should Live By!!

Hi!! Lindsay Albanese here sharing the fashion rules and style tips you should live by! Although I’m the BIGGEST advocate for personal style, I’m pretty strict about wearing clothes that are appropriate for certain occasions and events in life so today I’m going to break it down for you. Like it or not- your look speaks before you do and it’s important that your look is respectful and appropriate for certain situations. A lot of this common sense, but you would be surprised! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and Subscribe if you loved this video. Thanks for viewing. Love, Linds

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Dee Spence says:

Girl you rock that red dress!!! I always look forward to your videos!!! They are always so fun and informative!

Faith & Fashion says:

Agree, agree, agree! Much needed video. Thanks!

Amy Johnson says:

LOVE the red!

a smith says:

THANK YOU!!! That’s all. Just thank you. I wish everyone was raised like this but unfortunately not everyone is respectful

Lorelei Tarlea says:

I don’t usually comment, but this is a huge BRAVO for the video! Common sense is not so common any more. Loved it!

Dorothy Kovacs says:


Cathleen Howard says:


Gabby Spurlock says:

What does semi-formal mean?

flowermij says:

I love your videos and I totally agree with you, thank you for including the fact some people can be rude…wearing red to a party when not acceptable…

Creative Cala says:

I Love and agree with all of these..and about the not wanting to dress up excuse aha yeah just don’t go lol

Selina Tamang says:

omg u always wear nice cloth n look good I always always love your style

Isabella Tyrrell says:

I’d love to see videos on how to style some pieces of clothing – for example, bootcut jeans, white jeans/pants, knee high boots etc. 🙂

Vaping Vandi says:

yes, would love to see a video on decoding dress code

Andrea Jimenez says:

I have loved this video… you said it… honoring the occasion is important… I remember my wedding, people came in jeans… I was not hurt but a little hmmm… surprised and disappointed … I’ve seen them dressing up for even the Oktoberfest and the carnival!!!!!!!!!! I loved our wedding and I had the best time but I felt some people did not honor it 🙁

Vanessa Benavente says:

loved this! I hate seeing people show up to formal events in jeans or casual attire it’s the worst. If someone is taking the time to invite you to their special event and pay for your dinner the least you can do is throw on an appropriate outfit! I would love if you went more in depth like a what to wear event series since wedding season is approaching or even different occasions like baby/bridal showers. Thanks for making these awesome videos!

YellowMalli says:

I love your intro Lindsay!! This video is awesome I totally agree with you! I can’t stand when I go to a Hawaiian theme party in my grass skirt then I see somebody in regular clothes. RUDE!

Juana Mendoza says:

Love it ❤️

Claire Germain Nail says:

LOVE the official Albanese rules. “Your outfit is your armor.” “Button it up, just a little bit.” My rule. As a teacher, I feel we should stand out from the kids by looking professional & put-together. Sure, we need to be comfortable, but maybe Lindsay could do a video on professional style for people who stand a lot & have to deal with chaos on a regular basis?

Brigid Kelley says:

WAHOOO!! First comment. Love you Lindsay! Follow me on insta! @brigidkelley6

Lindsay Albanese says:

Personal style is all about dressing in what makes you feel your best AND whats appropriate for the occasion!! Do you agree?

Michelle Holly says:

hello Lindsay great message on how to dress on special occasion. By the way i just recently watched you on HSN launching your products.

Lori Weinrib says:

I agree with you 100%!!!!!

Ranita Ashbrook says:

This was a great one. And you look wonderful in that color.

Prisilla Cope says:

Great reminders! Too bad I’m not going anywhere lol….

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